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Secret Santa 2014


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Happy Holidays!
It's that time of year again folks, where we partake in the holiday tradition of giving and eating good food, for those of us who observe. Last year we tried out the White Elephant Gift Exchange, and it went well, but we have decided to go back to Secret Santa this year!

How it works
This will work just like it did before. Any registered JKHub user can participate in this (if you're not registered yet, click here).

If you are certain you are both willing and able to spend time creating a (small) mod or present for someone, you can sign up by PMing a wishlist and a list of your abilities to the Secret Santa account. We will semi-randomly assign you another person to send a gift to. This means that the items on the list are somewhat able to be made by the person we choose. (list of skins assigned to a texture artist, etc)

To answer your first question: no, the person you're sending a gift is not the same person who's sending you a gift.

You will then have until December 23rd to make a gift for the person you have been assigned. For example, a neat graphic, a small mod, etc. You can go all out if you'd like, but it doesn't have to be something big. The gift does not have to be something that's on the receiving person's gift list, but it is of course preferable if possible. Feel free to make it personal, of course. That would make it warm and fuzzy and special. :)

Once you are done creating your gift, you should PM it to the same account, Secret Santa. On Christmas Day (December 25th), you will be sent a gift anonymously. If you sent a gift yourself, you are guaranteed to receive one. If you fail to send a gift, you will not receive anything yourself. You can attach the gift to the PM or host it on a safe file hosting site like Dropbox or Mediafire.

Things worth mentioning
A couple things to make this as smooth as possible. Your list should not contain only gifts that are too large and unreasonable to create. For example, requesting a bunch of personal models would be unreasonable. Sure, feel free to request something large you've always wanted into one or two entries on your list, but have more modest entries as well. If we feel your list is too unreasonable, we will ask you to edit it.

Your gift list should be reasonably broad or have some variation in it. For example, don't make your only request a map. Your Secret Santa might be someone who has no idea how to make maps.

You must be a modder or artist of some kind to participate - be it a skinner, a mapper, or even a graphics designer. You must know how pk3 files work if making a mod, obviously.

Some ideas (Be as detailed as possible with all requests you list):

  • A forum signature
  • An avatar
  • A recoloring of an existing skin
  • A very small, modest map (It's up to the mapper to go beyond small and modest if he/she wants to)
  • A modest model, such as a very simple saber hilt
  • A very, very modest code mod

The list goes on, but in any case, be detailed in what you want, and remember to have some variety in listing what you want, in case someone does not have the time, motivation or skill needed to fulfill a specific request.

JKHub is doing a super cool and fun Secret Santa event. To sign up:

  • Be capable of making a small mod or graphic.
  • Be absolutely sure you have the time and motivation to create a small mod or graphic for somebody anonymously
  • Send a PM to the Secret Santa account listing some things you might want, and your skillsets. Do this before Sunday the 30th of November.
  • You will receive a PM from the same account with details of how to proceed, as well as someone's wishlist, at some point around the 30th.
  • Make a small mod, graphic, or otherwise neat thing for the receiving person and send it to the Secret Santa account before the 23rd of December
  • Receive your gift on December 25th :)

Gifts are not allowed to be physical (don't send someone a book, socks, etc), should be JKA/JK2/JKHub-related, and there may not be any money involved from either party for obvious reasons.

Post any questions you have and we hope to see you all sign up! :winkthumb:

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: We forgot to mention that we'd like you to include your general skill sets with your wishlists. This will make the matching process much faster and accurate. I know we have the interest groups on the profiles, but the more specific we can get, the better!


Secret Santa will reply to all messages sent so far to make sure this is done! Sorry for the inconvenience! 

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Messages have been sent! Lets get some cool things crackin'! :D


Remember - your gift must be in by December 23rd! If you don't turn a gift in, you don't get a gift. This gets crazy real quick cuz' then some of my reindeer (the staff lol) have to make last minute gifts for people who were good (submitted their gift) but their Santa was naughty. :ph34r: 



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Also, remember that the wish list provided is just a guide. You dont have to make those things, and you don't have to only make one gift. Feel free to throw in little things as well, and if you know the person, make a little personal item to make it special.


Remember not to divulge who you have either. It's Secret Santa. 




Take your time on your gifts. If you finished one item already (wow, to those that have), make another item! You have until December 23rd!

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