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I'd think having a list will help us keep track of anything that is needed for the mod. I have made a list of characters that need to be implemented. My question although remains, which versions, provided they exist, will be used for the mod? Obviously the Stormtrooper will be based off of DT's work, I'm talking more about the Imperial Officer being based off of haps or the Imperial Commando being based off of the DF Mod one. One in particular I am curious about is the rodian? Are we going to use something based off the default or something else? We can also keep track of who's working on what in this thread.



8T88 - minilogoguy18


Astromech Droid








Fieldtrooper (orange) - Tavik/Barricade24


Fieldtrooper (red) - Tavik/Barricade24


Fieldtrooper (yellow) - Tavik/Barricade24


Gamorrean (Various styles) - Haps/Barricade24




Gran (black/blue) - Barricade24/base?


Gran (Orange) - Barricade24


Grave Tusken 1


Grave Tusken 2


Jan Ors - Archangel35757




Kell Dragon


Imperial Commando - Reskin of Dark Forces one?


Imperial Officer - Haps








Probe Droid


Protocol Droid - Barricade24






Sentry Droid


Stormtrooper - DT85




Ugnaught - Base?


Water Cyc





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Good idea. I'd say to add the creatures too, Mailoc, Kell Dragon, Drugon and Water Cyc.


Rahn... I've seen a model out there, but I'm not sure how he'd fit in. Perhaps a G-man like appearance in level 20-21 as a Force Ghost, overseeing the duel?


Model manpower aside, the Dark Jedi could use a slight remodel... Jerec absolutely needs his evil boss-like face and expression.


Also, it's Gorc* ;)

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Agree with DT and Mini. Also, the Dianoga doesn't appear in the game, though it appears in Mysteries of the Sith. The three-tentacled beast is called Water Cyc (and about this beast, it would be nice if someone coded in a new CLASS_WATERCYC that has a poisonous attack, so to match the beast's description in the manual).

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On a side note, although not properly "characters" I'd add in the turrets in Jedi Knight. It would be nice to have new models for the Light Turrets (the "blocky" one and the "round" one), the base JA model isn't bad, but in my opinion it would feel a bit like a deja-vu. The Heavy Turret could use the turbolaser model from t3_wedge, since it's already an animated .glm, perhaps reskinned and properly modified.

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