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Sales and freebies


These sales are usually temporary, so don't miss out when you see one posted! If you post a sale, be sure to link to it if possible and state for how long it's up if you can.

Most big game sales and freebies are posted on this subreddit, so be sure to check there and post any you think people should know about in this thread. Epic Games also gives out a free game every week if you use their launcher. Check out whatever is free now at this link.

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I have some good memories from Galactic Battlegrounds. Age of Empires but Star Wars. Might get it only for that. :)


Ah Galactic Battlegrounds, I have it installed on this pc.

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Lots of good Star Wars Day sales happening. I'll list a few gaming related ones:


GOG.com has all their Star Wars titles on sale. You can get JKA and JK2 for under 3 dollars!


Steam has the same sale, but with all the newer titles as well.


For macOS users, you can get a few of Aspyr's titles, including JKA and JK2 on their site, which gives you Steam or App Store codes (I believe)


You can get Battlefront Ultimate Edition and/or the Season Pass on sale on Origin as well.



For non gaming sales, Amazon has a big sale.


ThinkGeek has a sale and new items today.


Keep an eye on this page for more Star Wars related stuff on sale.

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my sister told me something about the two Oulasts being free (or dirt-cheap) on steam these days, but I'm not sure if the offer is still on

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JKA on Steam for $4 until June 5th if you've got friends who haven't tried it yet.  Or your a crazy person who has an account on JKHub, but doesn't own it yet.  Other Jedi Knight Games are also on sale.

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