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Please tell me whoever animates this is going to use something other than dragon lol?



I plan to, but since I don't have the internet at my apartment it is slow trying to learn the program. I've gotten a bit farther, but still have a heck of a ways to go. Until then I'm going to work with Dragon.


Dragon just makes it more difficult. You'll get the same results no matter what program you're using...  it's a comfortability thing. I can use Softimage's animation tools and he can use dragon and im sure his stuff would come out better... just from the experience. I say if you're comfortable with dragon go for it. We can set up the exact same sliders and make all of the exact same bone selectability and even keyboard shortcuts in Softimage for you too you know? Would take a day or two but it would function and handle the exact same. Except, we can throw in more stuff for you to play with as well. Just a thought. Now granted, if you change the keyboard shortcuts it will obliterate any chances of you actually ever learning Softimage without a headache.

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Delay the ability for the shot to be fired until the gun is in the correct attack firing/aiming animation ,even if pressing the fire button. Using code i have done this in EoCIII singleplayer, so when you press fire the shot will not release until your in the proper firing/aiming animation.Once in the proper firing/aiming animation it fires as normal.

I think this is what you mean yes?


If yes i can possibly pm you the code to do this?


Just pm me if you need help :)

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It honestly depends what you want to work with. If you've used Gmax and really like it, then I'd go with 3ds Max. If you haven't, get both (3ds Max no later than 2011 at this time for xsi exporting) and see what you like more. ;)

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^ Yep.


Here's a question for you peeps regarding gun animations.

There are actually two stances for guns. One is a plain stand and the other is a weapon just fired. I can confirm this because I set it up Sunday morning. Right now I have a 'gun held up' for the post shot animation and the default 'by the hip' for the stance. A lot of people like the blaster held across the body in a relaxed position, but there is a small problem with this. See when you shoot the gun the game fires a shot forward toward the crosshair/center of the screen. It doesn't matter where the gun is actually pointing. So if the gun is held across the body and pointed to the left it will still fire forward 90 degrees.


I have an idea where the gun will be held at the shoulder, but lowered slightly to seem more relaxed, but still ready.


What say everyone?




I sent you a PM with a code solution to this problem. Hope this helps. :)

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I have a new saber off animation. Well the same animation without the saber twirl. I couldn't find the staff saber on animation though. I was going to change that one two since while the saber spins one of the blades goes through the right thigh.


I've put in the BF run and walk for the single saber for now.

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With the White Elephant Gift done I'm going to start this up again.


I need breathing animations.
No twirl saber off. I have it somewhere, just need to test/finish it.
New walks for duals and staff.
New run for duals. BFII styled with both arms back.
Stand1 and stand5 bastard child stance.


Anything anyone can think of?

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Alright, now that we have reworked the vision of this, should these animations still be implemented? I'd love for them to be, as I think they would be much better looking than the originals.


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Notable: in the XBOX version of the game, turning your character actually caused your feet to play animations. Maybe we could implement this?

Do those animations exist in the pc version of the game, or would they need to be made?

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