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No worries... yes, my facial rig bones will be in the main humanoid skeleton. As much as possible I will re-use SoF2 bones-- if they're in the right place... so as to try and minimize the bone count. We would then export the selected facial bones, face_always, cranium to its own GLA that will contain the visemes and facial expressions.


Like I said earlier it seemed Raven was planning to use the current tail bones to refine deformations in the tunic? But I think they should be moved to femur like in the article-- to keep buttocks from collapsing. Also, now would be the time to consider fixing the off-centeredness of the SoF2 face bones... center them about face_always/cranium-- unless we don't want to break compatibility with SoF2???


When I finalize the placement of the new facial bones-- I will send them to you so you can incorporate them into your CAT rig ( Including its maxscript GUI Interface


I haven't actually set up a CAT rig yet, all I'll need is the face_always_ null & your other facial nulls. This way I can snap your face_always_ null to my face_always_ null to have 100% correct placement for all the incoming facial nulls. Sof2 compatibility isn't needed, just create your own where you want them and make sure they don't use the same names as any facial nulls present in the JKA animations. You could put say "ltlip1_new" or something. :)


Would be best I think to create new tail nulls as the current ones have some crappy animations and I'm not going to go through them all just to remove the animation data from the tails. :P

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