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  1. This is an easy one as you only need to alter bg_pmove.cpp (sp) or bg_pmove.c (mp) first locate this piece of code in bg_pmove.cpp (sp) or bg_pmove.c (mp) void PM_GrabWallForJump( int anim ) {//NOTE!!! assumes an appropriate anim is being passed in!!! under this add the following in bg_pmove.cpp (sp) //[FORCE FALL] //The FP cost of Force Fall #define FM_FORCEFALL 10 //the velocity to which Force Fall activates and tries to slow you to. #define FORCEFALLVELOCITY -250 //Rate at which the player brakes int ForceFallBrakeRate[NUM_FORCE_POWER_LEVELS] = { 0, //Can't brake with zero Fo
  2. No you don't need EoCIII Only JKA installed and patched is required
  3. Sorry ,unless someone else want to do it.no Hi guys Hopefully you had a chance to see what we are trying to achieve . 1. Uniformity . It always annoyed me that single player and multi player combat systems were different from each other. I understand why there different but i never liked it anyway. The first task with the mod is to get mp/sp exactly the same (or a near as dammit) taking into account that 1 is played with 0 latency and the other could be 80-120 ping for some people. 2. Inspirations My first and most important inspiration is the films.If you truly want to under
  4. Hi mate The crashing problem you speak of is something that plagued EoCIII. I spent an absolute age trying to find what caused the crash and i also came to the conclusion that a gunner bot is the cause. From my side i can say this.I went through the code gunner class system with a fine tooth comb, almost to the point of totally rebuilding the gunner class system. And can say that there is not 1 gunner bot that "does something" code related that causes the crash.Not 1 bot does something different from another gunner bot that could cause the crash.If this was not the case it would mean eve
  5. Want to add a skin to the class system in EoCIV ? No problem PM me and ill add it,build how you wish saber sith/jedi/weapons i can add any personal class.In EoC i also added a class building system but only for gunners.In EoC jedi are jedi,sith are sith.You can select force powers but restricted to saber only.Gunners get a start weapon then after that you have to kill some one and take there weapon if you want one. "ITS STAR WARS not STAR FREE FOR ALL" so no weapons lying on maps in mp or sp.
  6. Here is a nice review people might want to see. Credit for the good review should also go to stoiss for his massive,excellent effort in making the sabersystem in EoCIII for EoC 1 and 2 also.Even though he no longer works on EoC.His contributions to EoC will live on. Respect to my friend stoiss.
  7. The 7th film is about the new characters coming together then re-uniting the old team(chewie,han etc) and the search for luke who only turns up in the final quarter.The bad guys chasing leads by capturing rebels and using torture and mind control to find more rebels ,with the ultimate goal of finding skywalker and bringing him to justice for the murder of vader and palpatine. Skywalker now living like Oldben or a hermit keeps an eye on the kid from afar(His sister knows where he is).Laying low to protect his family from persecution.He himself has become a legend of folk law.The stories of his
  8. Sabersystem tutorial http://www.moddb.com/mods/serenitysabersystems/videos/serenitysabersystem-tutorial-part-1#imagebox http://www.moddb.com/mods/serenitysabersystems/videos/sabering-tutorial-part-2#imagebox pretty much all you need to get started
  9. The evolution of combat 1,2 and 3 sabersystem was built "on top" of the ojp system. so we started with ojp 1.2 enhanced code base and built on top of that. Evolution of combat IV is built from the very first released code that hit the web. Obviously much work was needed to get it running .ask any of the coders from openjk about the amazing work they have done if you dont believe me. The sabersystem coding started with the singleplayer side of the code.Firstly i had to re learn many things as up until that point i had only worked with mp code. The singleplayer sabersystem was finished afte
  10. Its a fair point,Its meant to be just sort of a small introduction to say "its being made". Evolution of Combat is kind of a small mod that only interests a small group of people"Its not everybody,s cup of tea". The aim of the new moddb page and video is to bring people from the old EoCIII moddb page to the new,to avoid any confusion about what build ,what update ,etc,etc. So its really a message for the people who have followed the mod for the last 5 years.Having said that....... New people are always welcome to come and try it. So your post comes at me as if its from someone who maybe
  11. The are a few simple ways of adding weapon kick. The best way is through code. to avoid confusion i added a new button command. // // usercmd_t->button bits, many of which are generated by the client system, // so they aren't game/cgame only definitions // #define BUTTON_ATTACK 1 #define BUTTON_TALK 2 // displays talk balloon and disables actions #define BUTTON_USE_HOLDABLE 4 #define BUTTON_GESTURE 8 #define BUTTON_WALKING 16 #define BUTTON_USE 32 #define BUTTON_FORCEGRIP 64 #define BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK 128 #define BUTTON_ANY 256 #define BUTTON_FORCEPOWER 512
  12. Honestly mate! Its worth trying your hand at coding. Think small and start small,Set yourself a realistic goal,something small and you wont get overwhelmed at the start. Stay on one topic ,Animations is where i started. swapping them about. For your purpose i would select Class system. Get the openjk code (Its the best,stable and nice and clean). Then learn everything by searching through the code for 1 class type i suggest CLASS_R2D2. its a simple set up not too different to how you might want a decca to act. Unless your a genius i suggest doing a simple search for tutorials and also
  13. Add a New NPC class with individual behaviour ,code in the animations, .dat file additions in code and file x2 different ways (MP Differes from SP),effects code. Its was quite a fair bit of work. switch( team ) {// not sure if TEAM_ENEMY is appropriate here, I think I should be using NPC_class to check for behavior - dmv case TEAM_ENEMY: // special cases for enemy droids switch( NPC->client->NPC_class) { case CLASS_ATST: NPC_BehaviorSet_ATST( bState ); return; case CLASS_PROBE: NPC_BehaviorSet_ImperialProbe(bState); return; case CLASS_DROIDEKA:
  14. EoC also supports Droideka an example of the droideka in SP and MP can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqQx1rtjKxU you can get it here. http://www.moddb.com/mods/serenitysabersystems
  15. It is a bit of a nightmare,as I said "Mixed Results". I've combined a extensive bot_class system ,with a heavily modded bot AI system,that uses small pieces of code moved from the NPC AI and slightly altered and placed in the bot AI system. lots if issues.mixed results. I might do a video when its worth looking at. Stoiss has his finger on the pulse better than me with this one.
  16. I'm not sure if the MP Code is set up to read NPC files.If not then it wont change anything if you alter the NPC file. It is possible to set saberstyles for the bots,by building a simple class system in the code. Stoiss did a class system in EoC and he built it so you could set the bots up in a similar fashion to NPC,s. Bots can also be coded to run a way-point path-finding code on maps without bot routes. The reason that NPC,s are shit at sabercombat is because some code is missing in MP Code that SP code has. I have been looking in to a similar issue with bots and NPC,s for MP. Im
  17. Ive started porting EoC/SJE over to OpenJk Code base. First mission: FIX: MP Sabertrace to match SP = Managed to port most of sp sabersystem in to MP about 80%. Stabilize the bots by making them use as much NPC AI as possible = managed about 80%. Note:bot and Singleplayer NPC,s now act almost exactly the same in Combat. Added manualblocking to MP +SP (See controls menu) Added kick function and Melee to SP+MP Add FULL support for Jedi Outcast (including Galak_Mech) = About 80% Finished Here is a Pre Alpha tester if anyone is interested: http://www.mediafire.com/download/z2zy4gm8f
  18. Check out the first minute of this clip to see a NPC command system coded in to single player code. Command "Stick Together" and "Attack" can be seen being used on the bespin Cops. The code also contains "Stand Guard" But i didn't see it being used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiHMPhRRpEE&list=UUI2Ol6YCN70G6nN-XD-1Iug
  19. I did a similar thing to this some time ago. help yourself to the code if it may be of some help http://www.moddb.com/mods/serenitysabersystems/addons/serenityjedienginesdk
  20. I like this idea. I always liked the class system in forcemod3 and the A.I for the bots that use jetpack is also very good. but i dont know of any forcemod3 source. A new mod using the best from many mods . A Jedi Frankenstein mod
  21. No problem at all.It was a monumental day for me when i got the sp sdk.Its like the biggest puzzle in the world ever,and i enjoy solving the puzzle to get the effect i want. Firstly thanks for taking the time to look at the code . Im always open to useful advice,corrections and tips that help me learn and correct mistakes i have made. Firstly i can explain my thinking about w = CG_DrawStrlen( va( "Civilian" ) ) * TINYCHAR_WIDTH; the three cases i used are if ( crossEnt->client->playerTeam == TEAM_PLAYER ) if ( crossEnt->client->playerTeam == TEAM_ENEMY ) if ( crossE
  22. Well i have no plans to release anything........(for now) Maybe next year if my hobby coding leads to something worth releasing. Releasing mods is never going to be the same again now because the JKA/OPENJK code is always available to all .Meaning no more secrets / surprises.Or individuality. However ,if you have downloaded the code for SJE/EoC http://www.moddb.com/mods/serenitysabersystems/addons/serenityjedienginesdk Then i would be happy to post the code here for people to see or use,to add to there own code. Somebody asked me today if the code is taken from JKG ? The answer is
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