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Let's discuss the animation tweaks that we want to see happen. Make them somewhat realistic to achieve, nothing over the top. Some basic edits perhaps.


@@katanamaru is already planning on working on this, correct?


I think we need some new stances in general. That's the simple part. New yellow, red, blue, staff and dual ones, and a new standing stance.


New running animations would be great too.


Anything else?


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Definitely. Runs and walks both.


We discussed in the general thread about implementing a Battlefront II style run and walk all styles, like the Clone Wars mod did. I made a video showing some of the Clone Wars mod animations. You can see that many of them look extremely goofy. The problem with most of them is they are too fast. The single saber run would look cool if the arm and legs weren't moving so fast. The one that I love the most is the single saber walk animation. If you center your runs and walks around that, I think that would be perfect. It looks so BA. 




It would probably be matter of editing the default run and making the arm stay down like that. It looks like that's what he did for the walk. Also, I think the staff run should be similar too, but I think kata already made something like that. Maybe make the walk very similar.


Also, new pistol firing animations. I have a good one that I made a long time ago, but if kata wants to make a different one, that's fine.




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First I'm going to do some general bug fixes that I do with all my mods. Walk backwards doesn't play all the way. Running backwards with the saber off is slower than with the saber on. 

Any others people can think of?


A new saber off stance.

A new 'turn saber off' animation.

Runs and walks. So far people want the Battlefront style. I'm for the original Jedi Knight style. I'll actually include both in the mod and people can edit the file to get which ones they want. I'll keep the sabers from moving into the ground. Also all sabers, guns, saber off use the same runback. So I'll keep the default one.

I'll include lots of my stances so if people want specific ones that are not chosen they can edit those too.

Imporant to redo the staff and duals walks. Less poopy pants. If nothing else I'll put the saber off walks here. I'll aim to make new ones though.


I have some gun fire animations. They are some of the first animations I worked on. So if we want to use some better ones no problem. I don't know if I'll get around to working on new ones any time soon.

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One thing that annoys me is how large some weapons look on the player. The E11 should be just a tad smaller for example. Changes like this would require new weapon anims.

Really? I've never really noticed that. I guess you're right. Weird.


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^ Yep.


Here's a question for you peeps regarding gun animations.

There are actually two stances for guns. One is a plain stand and the other is a weapon just fired. I can confirm this because I set it up Sunday morning. Right now I have a 'gun held up' for the post shot animation and the default 'by the hip' for the stance. A lot of people like the blaster held across the body in a relaxed position, but there is a small problem with this. See when you shoot the gun the game fires a shot forward toward the crosshair/center of the screen. It doesn't matter where the gun is actually pointing. So if the gun is held across the body and pointed to the left it will still fire forward 90 degrees.


I have an idea where the gun will be held at the shoulder, but lowered slightly to seem more relaxed, but still ready.


What say everyone?

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Yeah, I hate that. I wish it were like other games where the bullet doesn't fire until the gun is pointed where it needs to be. It looks better when they're like that, but obviously there's that issue.


I think what I did was just keep the default firing animation and the post-fire animation the same, and changed the actual stance to the resting one. I'll double check on that. But you could just have those two the same or similar position so it's not so drastic that it looks horrible.

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