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or: actually getting around to finishing things part 1 of ???


Ages ago I messed around with some “headswapping” code that allowed you to essentially frankenstein models using a mod, but never got around to releasing it. I'm going to finish moving it over SP and then add a few other minor customisation things to release a small SP customisation mod (working title: Penultimate Customisation Mod).


The first release (note it'll be SP only and OpenJK based) should include:


  1. RGB sabers
  2. Lots more heads taken from other base models for jedi_hm & jedi_hf, and a few for the others (edit: pretty much done!)
  3. Extra slots for RGB tinted areas of models, so e.g. you can have stripy trousers where you can select both colours


some heads:




bright colours:



as the head swapping is done in code, no new models are used but there'll probably be a fair few edits of base skins to take advantage a bit of (3)

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How does this mod vary from Mug's base customization?

That only worked with the models that were all the same but with different skins. This can be done with any model. Like Kyle's head on the jedi_hm body as seen above.
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If you feel like trying a version that's nowhere near ready for release: Windows (thanks Yberion!) and OSX. Thanks to Circa for the head icons! jedi_hm and jedi_hf are where everything is “at”.


Install like OpenJK.




Savegames are unlikely to be compatible with base ones or normal OpenJK ones, and are likely to change before any final release. May conflict with other species mods, and the contained pk3 shouldn't really be used in base. Head icon tinting is wrong (my fault for forgetting shader). The included renderer and jagame dlls on windows will *only* work with the included exe. Windows version may need this. GPL but I'm not going to link to the source until a bit more's done, though you can find it if you look a bit.

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So a Boss Nass head on Tavion's body won't look right?

Aww man.



I remeber you doing this a few years back for mp and was wondering if you'd try it for sp eventually. It's really kickass!

Though I'll wait for a finished version because I suck at testing mods out.

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