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Level 13: Lost planet of the Jedi

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Well, I was supposed to be working on the Boc duel map, but after seeing the quality of @Ramikad maps I decided I needed to work on my artistic and creative skills before tackling a map that appears in cutscences.





So keep in mind these screenshots are both heavily WIP and also a rediscovery of skills/techniques.






I decided to create a vertical slice of 'Lost planet' to establish the feel/look of the level. So far I'm at least happy with my first attempt, expect many, many changes, especially in the lighting/mood of the level, which I feel is wrong for the level right now.






Temp textures, Temp models, and WIP geometry.












Thoughts, comments, ideas and especially criticisms welcome.








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We aren't using that method. The DF2 game engine that SomaZ and DT have built use a totally different rendering engine than the base game. You'll have to be brought up to speed. This doesn't mean you can't get the maps geometry done as well as some other things but texturing and lighting are going to be a bit different.


We'll also have to get DT to send you a link through PM with the game engine as well as the working levels we have so far.

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Don't worry about normal maps right now. We can still rework parts of the map. Your work looks pretty decent. Looking forward playing around with this map. :)


For now you could check out these two.




But don't focus on this for now. I can teach you some stuff when you are finished with this map. If you have a discord account we can sort things out a little faster.

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Looking good. Yeah, don't worry too much about final details, lighting or texturing, as those things will be redone later. Most important here is the structure & entities (working doors, etc) to make a working level. :)

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GL2's sun should help a lot with dark areas.


Feel free to use whatever textures that work with the level, even if ported or from online. We will be redoing all textures eventually.


Just an FYI - GL2 renderer doesn't support external lightmaps, incase you were going to use them. It should hopefully in the future, though.

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Not dead, still working away... I've been having delays, as every time I try to work on it the south pacific has another natural disaster and I'm off to do relief work.  :shrug:


Here's some new WIP shots, ignore the very weird colours as JKA brightness is a very odd thing and makes the screenshots look very different then what it looks like ingame.









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Embed the images here lol.


Nice to see some maps getting done, it really can make or break a mod not having any maps so I'm happy they're being worked on.


There is an updated Lambda Shuttle in the mod but it'll probably have to be redone again for PBR but still much more accurate than the base one, Psyk0 made some pretty textures for an old model of mine.

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