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  1. with level i meant per LOD level, LOD1 0-1.000, LOD2 1.000-5000, LOD3 5.000-10.000 for example.
  2. Thank you. No problem with baking details from Highpoly to Lowpoly. And good to know on how many tris you aim to. Do you plan to use LODs? If yes how many and what is you triangle count for each level approximately?
  3. Hello, a close friend of mine, known under the name SomaZ, told me about this project. I like to create 3D models in my spare time and i would like to contribute to this project in the form of asset creation. Some of my older work can be found here: https://sketchfab.com/lennartsolik Primaly i use Blender for modeling and Substance Painter / Photoshop for texture creation. I am able to create small animations using constraints and bones (simple). I try to help as good as i can in the form of small assets and other things that might be needed. I am looking forward to hear from you. Sincerely Nupol
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