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Supreme Leader Snoke (TFA & TLJ) by PreFXDesigns 1.3

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Yesterday my brother and I were discussing if it was possible to create a decent looking Snoke model ourselves. I think that there's a lot of demand for Snoke in JKA and so we did our best.


The model itself originates from Plasma's Kylo Ren (TFA & TLJ) and the head was originally a Spanki's jedi head. I reskinned all the textures to make it look like the Supreme Leader Snoke. I am really proud with the texture, especially the head.
Besides that, my brother reshaped the head in Blender and frankensteined modeled it onto the Kylo Ren's body. Here and there little tweaks were made in order to make it look like Supreme Leader Snoke.
We have also provided this model with some suitable sounds including three different taunts.


The file consists out of 2 models, one with a gold custome and the other with a black costume.


We are very happy with the outcome and I hope you'll be too! :)


Version 1.1:

  • Improved head model
  • Slightly different head texture which is based on the Snoke from The Last Jedi
  • Improved collar
  • Slighty different robe texture
  • NPC spawn list created by Tompa9:
    - npc spawn snoke (TLJ)
    - npc spawn snoke_tfa.
  • BOT support made by Tompa9


Version 1.2

  • Added the old face texture/model from TFA into the PK3 file


What's New in Version 1.3


  • Added a mouth and combined the head into one, provided by Swegmaster.
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First good looking Snoke for decades wow. Great job guys, just as a friendly advise for upcoming update(s) if you are planning to do try to fix the levels of his eyes/nose. Otherwise he's great. 

p.s. Before I saw the description I thought you made him in either CrazyTalk 8 or iClone

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That is really well done! Good start. Face needs more improvements. I think less deformed. Eyes has too much space between and his jaw is too much deformed :) But overal quality work!

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The face texture needs improvement, I think, but the model seems to be spot on
coud you be more specific? Imo the face texture is pretty good. It was very difficult to find good pictures and from the right angles. If you have any advice for certain things that can be better, i'm willing to edit my file.
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There is missing shader file

how did you noticed that? I probably forgot to add the shader file from the original pk3. Would it have a big impact on the model? Because imo it looks good the way it is, but i'm willing to change it if would look better.
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Great work. It might not be perfect, but he's recognizable. At least we have a Snoke model here.

yes I know what you are saying. We dont have the experience in modeling. The only thing im good at is skinning. My bro has limited knowlegde of blender. So with the available resources and knowledge, I think we did an amazing job. Also Snoke's face looks really difficult to recreate in jka. But the texture did its work well. Also consider the fact that we used a kylo ren for the body model and that we did this on 1 and a half day :)
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Also u might wanna make him taller, I'm talking Desann size at least.
how? Because the dessan model in multiplayer is also same height as every model. Could you just like stretch him out in Blender?
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Can you get SP support


Yes NPC support will be there soon. I'm going to try to fix some things and then I'm going to bring the v.1.1 version :)

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And now, I sense you wish to continue your search for TLJ skins...



Patience, my friend. In time, they'll come to you and you will bring them before us...

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