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  1. Damn, this progress is amazing. Dynamic soft shadows and normal maps. That's freaking amazing. Great job guys!
  2. zezeri

    Road Map

    It's just my personal experience of playing the game for a few years, that I've never really experienced any heavy/game-breaking bugs. Ofc there are always some bugs/memory leaks/whatever, there's barely any perfect programm, I guess. Nonetheless, I'm not that experienced with JKA modding, so you're most likely right.
  3. Obviously NPCs can never be as challenging as real players. But playing against Desan or tavion with dismemberment enabled is not that easy for noobs like me . Online battles are also nice, but in a totally different way IMO. There it's about competing, it's basically a sword fighting game with a few techniques that are like a MP gameplay paradigm. I don't want to degrade it, it's sure a lot of fun. But what makes the SP so compelling for me, is the cinematic, Star-Wars-like experience. All sorts of force powers are used, sabers are thrown, jumps made etc. It may not be the most effective fighting stance, but it feels very authentic and epic to me. Plus the mentioned fluency of SP compared to MP.
  4. I'm playing JKA SP mostly. What makes me coming back to it, is the saber and force combat. The story is weak, the graphics are outdated, but the saber/force combat and star wars feeling haven't been matched by any other star wars game out there. I just love choking reborns while throwing my saber at his buddies or letting all of them fly. Now when I really want a challenge I spawn tavion_new or desann, which is always very challenging and fun. The situations that come from the combat are sometimes really cinematic and epic. That's why I'm playing it.
  5. zezeri

    Road Map

    Well I think that Jedi Academy is a farely well working game. I barely experience any bugs, but that might be because I'm using Windows and playing SP mostly. Still, it's nice to see some bugs being fixed. I guess, that this project is a lot about practicing ?
  6. Can we have a i-want-other-people-to-write-a-raytraced-jka-renderer-because-I-am-2-lazy-2-work? On a more serious note: Great work guys, keep it up :-)
  7. Nice mod, I do like :-) But I've a problem. I have a character with a staff. Now when I change the saber with your mod to single and switch through the different styles, it gets stuck at blue. As soon as I switch to blue style I can switch to the other styles anymore.
  8. What is "That's so Raven" refering to? Code bugs ?!
  9. I play LAN mostly too :-) Apart from that, SP is way to go for me. But perhaps I'll check some public matches out soon!
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    I'll test these later.
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