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  1. Looks potentially promising for a single-player game story-wise. The combat on the other hand is kind of a big yikes... I'll probably still pick it up though if the reviews on the story are decent.
  2. https://plays.tv/video/5a301dba735da3901c/interview-with-crimelord-and-loxx-on-jka- Let me know what you guys think!
  3. I knew Owen/Binny for many years and it's pretty shocking waking up to this. I met Binny on the Jedi Phoenix server YEARS ago, and he went by the name "Bars" and "God". He was very quiet but was pretty decent at the game and I used to duel him frequently. we talked occasionally at first, but nothing too in-depth. I was always impressed by his knowledge of JKA's network commands, and he would often explain things to me regarding that. We both transitioned to playing base around the same time and he adopted the name "Binny". Because he was very quiet, he wasn't picked a lot in pick-up games and I would often see him complaining about it in spectator chat, I didn't really think much of it but it really changed a couple weeks later when I remember him holding Robert's server hostage and threatening to crash it if he wasn't picked. Any NA baser from that time can tell you this became quite a trend with him. If he wasn't picked, or he didn't like any of the players participating in the current game, he would crash the server until he got bored. This sometimes went on for HOURS at a time, it got so bad that a particular server owner, who I wont mention, wanted to pursue legal action and was very close to doing it. Because of this he became the biggest villain in the NA base scene for a while, and we would often say very mean personal things to him regarding his weight at the time (Lox still has a bind of things I said to him), and some other very harsh things that I sincerely regret sitting here today. I could really tell that the verbal abuse was getting to him, as he was starting get more quiet again and stopped crashing servers. Myself and a few others got to know him better and he turned out to be one of the coolest people but just extremely misunderstood. He didn't like the fact that the top players at the time wouldn't let anyone play, and he just wanted to change that. A year or so after this, Binny actually became one of the more helpful people in the community. He often helped clan owners with server protection and helped newer players with their configuration files for a better JKA-playing experience. I personally used to talk with him in Skype occasionally, and he even helped me run the UPS tournament a couple years ago. He used to tell me and some others on Skype about the weird drugs that he experimented with so I knew that was a hobby of his. In all seriousness, he was incredibly intelligent, regardless of the trolling and I will sincerely miss him in the community. - shake
  4. All I'm going to say is JKA/JK2 gets on the top of Reddit for some cool game-play footage or something similar every couple years or so. I honestly couldn't tell you how many thousands of people comment asking for a remake or fan-made sequel of the game, its actually insane and some of you probably know what I'm talking about if you've seen the posts yourself, its pretty surreal. I think a lot of Jedi Knight players, particularly on these forums, think their love for the games are shared only with a small group of people and making a remake would not be worth the time investment because there wouldn't be enough players. Being pessimistic doesn't mean you're being realistic, there are so many people that would be willing to play a new Jedi Knight game and help contribute what they can. The problem is the community has been let-down and played so many times that when this topic is brought up its scoffed at and brushed aside. Believe it or not, my father actually played the shit out of Dark Forces and JK2 MP, and every once in a while he'll even me tell me it was a shame they never created another game... If there was an actual community effort on these forums and on the Jedi Knight discord, and people actually got serious and leadership gets established, it could very well happen. The talent is there, the love for the game is there, the audience is there, we have the source code, we just need leadership and some community discussion on what exactly we want in the said project to get started. I think its about time, up to you guys though.
  5. ^THIS!!!! Some of their work in UE4, very recently uploaded as well.
  6. Lol... @@Hugo I've never asked you for help. @ when we playing, bro? Oh, right, never... Professional Forum PvP'er Anyways, good luck, Hugo!
  7. Really like the discussion here and I think about the balancing of saber styles constantly while I'm playing the game, as well. Figured I'd kind of chime in from a more 'competitive' standpoint for JKA. This is my opinion on it, so feel free to disagree or whatever. This is for MP only as well, considering SP balancing isn't nearly as important (IN MY OPINION, DON'T HURT ME). For JKA Base/MP, yellow/medium is definitely the more optimal and versatile style, if you will (Single vs. Single). absolutely fantastic angles on the swings(A and D swings, in particular, are extremely straight forward), no reduced speed, great range, exceptionally high priority when swinging that even contests red occasionally, poking the swings also give it immense damage, etc. The list really goes on. It's ability to pressure and counter swings is absolutely unmatched in the correct hands and it's defensive options are exceptional as well! Countering low-jumps by fanning mid-air, stopping pressure by forcing trades (yellow fan vs yellow fan), it truly is a strong counter to light/blue AND strong/red. Staff is what really takes medium/yellow to new heights in the meta-game, but I probably won't go into that. Let's talk about Strong a bit: Red, naturally, suffers greatly from a lack of offensive options due too it's absolutely ridiculous slow and long initial start-up animations, reduced speed on the ground, and long swing cool-down animations making it extremely punishable if moving forward. Players in the community have gotten very creative however by jumping right before the speed reduction of the swing occurs, allowing you to have NO speed reduction while airborne. While a great technique and a soft-counter of sorts to medium, it becomes easy to to read by the opponent and even easier to dodge. The most viable way to use this technique is called low-jumping, which is quickly pressing the crouch button once during the beginning frames of the jump animation (around frames 2-5) allowing you to cancel your potential peak height in the jump, making your hang-time in the air significantly shorter. Due to a shorter jump, it's much harder for your opponent react with a counter or dodge and players can take advantage of this further by lowering their jump force level and/or choosing an FPS value of 83 or 142 which allows shorter jump height. Other than that, however, that's really all Strong/Red has for a consistent and viable offensive option. This makes it MUCH tougher to comeback in a match if you're down in score, the red user has to be extremely creative, precise, and careful even with low-jumping. Strong/Red does have a very strong defensive game, however. Swing delays, ranging opponents out with the little range they have over yellow, parrying, etc., can make even the most seasoned medium single or staff think twice before approaching too hard. This is also where the true skill-gap in the game is found, in my opinion. In order to make red viable against medium single and staff, it takes an absolute insane amount of practice and experience, which is why the newer people in the game really struggle against medium and staff. Red requires such precision and footwork mastery at high level it's truly something that should be commended if seen. The EU competitive scene has done a much better job in honing their Red style compared to most USA players, I must sadly admit. What should be changed if anything? Red needs more offensive options against medium single and staff, as well as a tad priority and strength boost against staff, specifically. Like most swings in any style or saber, the farther you are from an opponent when making contact actually gives you LESS priority, this makes ranging out opponents using red slightly more pointless and annoying (this can be read in the source code as well). Buffing Red/Strong offensively will greatly speed up the game-play as well, due to not having to rely so much on defensive/passive play. I'm not saying buff Red a lot or even mildly, but it definitely should be addressed in some way. I can talk way more into specifics about this, but I think I got the message across lol Red also is a bit more viable in JKA than JK2 (1.04), which is a little better for versatility, adding on to game dynamic and the entertainment value of watching the game. Also <3 Cartwheels
  8. Base TFFA is a form of RP at this point lol saber ctf most skill 2014
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