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  1. Monkee

    JA++ Download

    DO you have the latest Mac builds as well? Thanks!
  2. Any chance I can get ja++ for Mac? You mind posting a drop box link or something? Thank you!

    1. Circa


      Until or if he responds, I have an old build from 2014 you can use in the meantime. Although keep in mind if you're on Catalina it won't run since it's 32 bit.


    2. Monkee



      Thank you! You are a scholar and a gentleman, good sir. Cheers.

  3. I can confirm this jewel works on 10.10 OSX Yosemite, and launches my Steam version just fine. Thanks for a wonderful Launcher!
  4. I decided to go with Caelum's webhosting. What you get for the price point is astonishing. Tons of storage and bandwidthThe process is easy. It literally took less than 10 minutes (Cael did all the work!)All the security enhancements on his servers are top notch. Thank you Cael for the easy transition Most importantly though, thank you JKHub staff for hosting us for so very long. Your support was always top-notch, and know that we hold you in very high regard.
  5. Monkee

    Webhosting Downtime

    my email that you have may be down as it was hosted through the old hosting service, So if you could send that to me in a pm on jkhub that would be great
  6. Monkee

    Webhosting Downtime

    Thanks for getting us back online... I may message you later to see if I can access my site via ftp.
  7. Monkee

    Webhosting Downtime

    My website came back, but the theme directory was misplaced, and I saved the wrong location (the one I thought was correct), and now my site is broken. Any way anyone can reset the website from the last save? That would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Monkee

    Webhosting Downtime

    Thanks for the bit of info fam. jkhub and Cael will get us back online - true professionals on the job. I'm not too concerned if you have to go with older backups, I can fill in the gaps on my end where needed. Thank you once again for keeping us informed!
  9. We do JA+ SP damages on our server… and thats usually my main hangout spot… because, hey I pay for it, might as well use it right?
  10. Monkee

    Earlier Downtime

    yeah man… big ups to Cael and everyone involved in getting us back up and running. oFc thanks you ever so much! <3
  11. As far as story, I really like JKO better; but as far as the multiplayer goes, it has always been Jedi Academy for me. Always. LOL So yeah JKA got my vote
  12. My site is back up. Cael told me this: Just curious. Glad it's fixed xoxo
  13. Nice clean PS shape! Very nice. Cheers!
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