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  1. Hello again! sorry for beeing out so long l had lot of work to do and l've been wondering can l use lightwave 3D for editing JKA models? Just wondering l'll be using maya ofcourse for the JKA models editing too.
  2. Okay l'm back from my trip and now l'm ready to resume working and l think l will try both skeletons and l will see how things will turn out. Thank you for the links.
  3. l hope the skeleton will work in the new version of Autodesk Maya 2016 but if so l will post the results of editing models in this topic and two days l will not be at home because l'll be going on a trip and when l return home l will resume working with JKA models in Autodesk Maya. l hope everything will turn out to be great.
  4. @@Asgarath83 okay l will try to use the JKA skeleton thanks for the link and l believe this will be very useful
  5. Okay well l sometimes use 3dsMax l known 3dsMax is a great software but l'm more of a pro in Maya ​ and okay l'll try your idea l will see how will it turn out.
  6. Hello! Recently l've been wondering is it possible to edit JKA and JKO models in Autodesk Maya 2014? l am highly skilled in Autodesk Maya modeling and animating models and l was wondering can l edit JKA and JKO models in Autodesk Maya? l always liked playing JKA and JKO.
  7. So wait a minute you can create your own modification ??
  8. This !! how you can install ?? http://sourceforge.net/projects/jediacademy/
  9. Hey guys a how l can install the source code for JKA ?? l'm having trouble installing it
  10. battle111


    l like this map good work looks realy fun
  11. Well the first realease didn't go well but l promise you l will keep working and l will try to put improvments to my third realease
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