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  1. Droidy365's post in Is there any simple way to replace texture path on existing map? was marked as the answer   
    The simplest way would be to edit it in a HEX editor. I'd recommend HxD, as it makes life a lot easier.
    So to demonstrate, I'm using the academy1.bsp map, renamed to acasky.bsp. Make sure you backup your file when you do this.
    Open up your BSP file with HxD and search for the textures you want to replace with CTRL + F. I'm searching for textures/skies/yavin.

    What you want to do is replace the texture name with something with the same amount of characters.
    My texture, yavin, has 5 characters. I'm going to replace it with space, since that's a base texture that conveniently has the right amount of letters.



    In your case, you'll want to rename your new texture to something slightly different, but make sure it has the same amount of characters. If it has a different amount, the map's file size may change, and the map may become corrupted. You may encounter multiple instances of the texture you want to replace, it'll probably be a matter of trial and error finding out which lot of textures you want to replace.
    Hope this helped and wasn't too confusing 😄
  2. Droidy365's post in Blender Import/Export of .glm is giving inconsistent results (Saber held backwards when model is used) was marked as the answer   
    They are tags, not bones. Two little triangles on the hands. It's a possibility that it may have been flipped around somehow. In blender, select the triangle on the right hand. Go into Edit mode, Press R to open up the Rotate menu. Then press either X, Y or Z to rotate along the appropriate axis. After that, type 180 (you don't need to click anywhere) and hit enter.
  3. Droidy365's post in How to change font of Jedi academy? was marked as the answer   
    There's a neat little program called JAFont that converts ttf files into files JA can read. Sorry about the late reply
  4. Droidy365's post in Darth Jar-Jar anyone? was marked as the answer   
    Yeah, that's mine, alright - Here's the *.zip file I sent them (It's a replacement for Jerec, I'm sure you can figure out how to rename the model)
    EDIT: That's actually an older version that only has Anakin's clothes. Change "chars/jarjar/misc" in sounds.txt to say "darthjarjar" as well.
    Here's the newest version.
  5. Droidy365's post in NPCs = Enemies? was marked as the answer   
    Hmm... Did you change your playerteam status? Usually, if I'm playerteam free and I want to stop aggro, I use notarget, change my playerteam to player, then turn notarget back off. Idk if this helps or not.
  6. Droidy365's post in Can someone remake "The Ladder" but with Praetorian guards instead of sith (Also any other good endless maps) was marked as the answer   
    Oh shoot! I'm gonna be completely honest - I completely forgot about this
    Here are all the files that I used (I'm assuming you already have the Ladder JK3 map)
  7. Droidy365's post in Subtitles outside cutscenes [SP] was marked as the answer   
    g_subtitles 1 shows subtitles in regular gameplay. In the SP Options menu, you can toggle it between 0 (off) and 2 (in cutscenes only)
  8. Droidy365's post in Sound Replacement Not Working was marked as the answer   
    I've come up with a solution! I exported it as an MP3 in Audacity, then I converted it to a wav!
    You do need to make it have only 1 channel in the Advanced Settings on that converter, by the way. Thanks for your help guys! I hope this can benefit anyone else who could be having this problem
  9. Droidy365's post in My game doesn't have dismemberment? was marked as the answer   
    On line 64, it says seta g_dismemberprobabilities "40"
    You could try changing it to "75" or, if you want someone to always get dismembered, you could try "100"
    Also, there's one that says seta g_dismember "1000" and another one that says seta g_dismemberment "3"
    Could these be conflicting with each other? I hope this helped
    Edit: I just found out those two commands do different things lol.
    But I think that g_dismember "1000" actually disables it. Try "2"
    I found this on the Model Dismemberment Tutorial.
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