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  1. Thinking of making either a one level or an MP Terminator mod

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      He'll be back

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      Terminator mod, you say? Sounds interesting! Make both!

  2. It's nothing we've ever seen in any movie, and I'm pretty sure they're wanting to keep to what we see in the movies in terms of the force. Gotta admit, pulling a ship out of the sky was pretty out there.
  3. ^ This. It's due to the pitch/yaw being coded to be on a certain axis. I much prefer Source engines method of having a lot of this coded animation stuff external. An example is allowing it so you can set your own pitch/yaw axis per skeleton.
  4. Adding 75 nulls to the skeleton? Why so many?
  5. Does mod tool even have any cloth sim?
  6. It's a bit more complicated, it seems. It's been a while, sue me. Anyway, I think the best thing you can do is use the odd skeletons as a shadow with your normal skeleton strapped to it, and then bake the animation. Hopefully all of the odd skeletons are identical, so it'll be faster the next time you need to do this.
  7. We are in need of a decent Kyle, so if you are able, then that would be awesome.
  8. I imported both_death1. It's simple really, just delete the eff's & roots (and any non-animated duplicates. This is a thing in 3ds Max, not sure about mod tool) and re-link (eg. rfemurYZ to pelvis). Every bone/null has the animation baked, so a re-link will work fine.
  9. Broken anims? I never came across any broken anims, but then again, I use 3ds Max. EDIT: Ah yes, I see. Easily fixed, just time consuming.
  10. Most likely it means less crazy-ass stuff like force pulling a ship. Here's to hoping we can mod it, very unlikely though.
  11. Nice to see an update to the repo. Any info on the latest commit? @@NAB622
  12. Nah, Noesis and export to FBX - Blender can't handle the shitload of frames in the GLA. ll fingers and the two toe bones are already present in every animation, it's just that they were omitted during compile. You'll need a conversion table (so a modified openjk) so any base JKA rigged models will work with the new GLA, it's just that they won't have access to any clothsim, etc unless re-rigged.
  13. Don't think so. Can always import the cinematic GLAs and bind their bones to the new GLA's bones to export out, though. Tbh, screw the basegame. If people want to play the base game, remove the new GLA's pk3.
  14. Cinematics in jka are mostly done from their own GLA, one per level. The cinematic GLAs and the changed _humanoid GLA will no longer have matching bone count or bone ordering, thus the cinematics will be busted.
  15. While it's a good idea, it also requires code work to allow bolted on ghoul2 models to animate.
  16. It's not that bad, just time consuming. Process being: import the existing 1,000+ anims one-by-one onto a new skeleton, animate then export. If you're going to do capes though may as well do hair, tabard "flaps", lekku, tits, add back all 5 fingers, add back toes and proper facial bones while you're at it.
  17. Any links are dead now anyhow, but I've removed them.
  18. What the actual hell is that model in GTA?! Looks like some blue mutant.
  19. Try loading it by the renderer, using misc_model_static.
  20. From memory, green channel from world space normals, ao & cavity maps mixed into the diffuse.
  21. Have a look at Morgan katarns force ghost shader. While the end result is pretty crap, it's doubtful you can get a better result with this engine.
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