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  1. Jedi Academy Anniversary Tournament 2020 September 18, 2020 at 9:00 AM CDT I am hosting a tournament for a game anniversary of the release of Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy (PC) The prize pool is $100... I'm poor okay but aye its something anyway 2020 has sucked so fair so lets have some fun ❤️ MORE INFO BELOW Tournament Bracket | Sign Up Form | Discord Server | Tournament Post
  2. Hey! So, I've decided to stop by to share my community Exitium.TV is otherwise known as ETV is a rebranded community of Sith Praxeum a Jedi Academy clan for JA+ originally made back on 31st of March 2016, A lot of changes we've done since then obviously due to the name/brand change, An also to be more diverse for other games in the gaming world to reach other larger audiences to put some interest back in Jedi Academy and other games in similar situations. While Jedi Academy is currently the main game as of right now we don't have ranks as other clans due to supporting other games in the gam
  3. So Vince from Respawn Entertainment they teased a new Star Wars game (EA already done with SWBF2 i guess?) Either way lets talk about what your hopes, expectations and predictions on what the "Jedi Fallen Order" is going to be about? For me i think its going have the same type of combat as TFU, as i really can't see them doing a saber combat just like Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy. So what are your thoughts about this upcoming game? Reference Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1blupI8Nd8M
  4. I do like anime/games for Sword Art Online very much, but now i am just wondering do you at least have one developer making progress for the mod since most other devs would be less inclined on helping to build the mod and to be honest as of right now you need to build a team, clear roadmap, and progress of the mod to create interest and a bigger team for the mod you want to build.
  5. Gotta have to go with ROTS for soundtrack that is for sure
  6. Seen the post i liked it but i also replied the current problems with SWBF2 currently about the declining playerbase which this game mode wouldnt be done by DICE
  7. Did you try going to the LucasArts Company Store? Kappa Kappa
  8. This would be pretty dope, But its a shame that SWBF2 playerbase is declining lately and i don't think the mess that happen before be able to fix the game at this point
  9. Fair as i know, Aslong as the sounds/music came from the game and requires the game to run the mod it should be okay! - Don't take my word tho i just seen a lot of dev teams use this excuse but im not a lawyer
  10. Hello There & Welcome back!
  11. Cheers bro ~ Clan Details Updated 04/06/2016
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