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  1. Gotcha, this is mainly a single-player or bot tutorial, haha.
  2. This wouldn't change the model, you would however, see a longer sword trail. But as far as the physical sword itself, it wouldn't hit anyone, you'd just be hitting them with air, depending on how long the sword actually is.
  3. It's meant to be for swords. Changed the title to something that better conveys what this tutorial is about, thank you for the help though, mate.
  4. This is mainly a tutorial for adjusting PHYSICAL WEAPONS like swords, staves, pretty much anything that isn't a lightsaber, things like this: Or this: Not really for this: Or this: For those wanting to find out how to change your LIGHTSABER length, go here: https://jkhub.org/wiki/index.php?title=.sab With that said, let's get into the tutorial! This is a tutorial to show you how to stop the blade at JUUUUUST the right length (the tip, or end of the weapon, obviously), so you don't end up hitting your opponents with the air if it's too long... ...or hitting them with the hilt if it's too short. ? So, everyone knows you can change your saber's length using a .sab file, this is obvious, but how about a sword? Kind of unpredictable, because the length doesn't show since it's a physical blade, right? Unless! When editing your .sab file for your sword or bladed weapon, add this to it: (noBlade "0") no parenthesis. So it should look something like this (this is my own .sab file for a sword that just got ported): Adding that simple command adds a saber blade that you can see even if there's a physical blade there, this blade can be increased and decreased according. This is it at saberLength "90": This is it at saberLength "50": As you can see, the SABER blade changes length, while the physical sword length stays the same, so all you need to do is keep changing the length till you get right down to the tip of the sword. This will also work with weapons that have multiple sides/ends, like a staff, double-bladed sword, and even a shield or hammer. If you're using a SHIELD or HAMMER, you may want to make use of the "saberRadius" command, which will widen the SABER blade until it's at the same wideness as the physical weapon. If you're using a weapon with more then one side/end, you'll need to make use of "saberLength2", "saberLength3", as well as "saberRadius2" and "saberRadius3". When you need to remove the saber blade for good in favor of your physical weapon, change it from: noBlade "0" to noBlade "1" Hope this helps, ya'll!
  5. Tbh atm all models of said Crucible Sword are just plain too high-poly.
  6. So, I just released Roddick from Star Ocean, and now I have one question...

    Would you guys prefer Erdrick from Dragon Quest to have sounds or be mute when I release him?

  7. The hint from back in March is about to make his way into Jedi Academy... Ladies and Gentleman... Please give a huge round of applause forrrrrrrrrr: RODDICK FARRENCE from Star Ocean 1 : Comes with NPC Support, Bot Support, and SinglePlayer Support. Has original sounds for both him and his weapon, from Star Ocean: First Departure. Comes with his iconic weapon: The Aurora Blade, as seen in "Star Ocean: Anamnesis" & "Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness". I considered giving him the two-handed sword from First Departure, or one of the other sword's he's seen with, but his most commonly known and seen sword is the Aurora Blade, and the only time the Aurora Blade has been seen pictured is in later games, which is why you may not recognize it's look: The Aurora Blade model is an original done by my buddy behind-the-scenes. In any case, enjoy the model, and have fun! Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0cuttpwt6wmesx9/RoddickFarrenceSO.pk3?dl=0 To know more about him: https://starocean.fandom.com/wiki/Roddick_Farrence
  8. I enjoyed Darth Angral in SWTOR, he's the even if he's Nice job, Jeff.
  9. @HUM-3154 Awesome dude! If you wanna bring over Thanos sword I'll be happy to do a soundpack for em. For the weapon and the character.
  10. László Kovács ASC was a Hungarian cinematographer who was influential in the development of American New Wave films in the 1970s, collaborating with directors like Peter Bogdanovich, Richard Rush, Dennis Hopper, Norman Jewison, and Martin Scorsese.
  11. You are very handsome you know.

    1. Syko


      Thanks mum.

  12. -waves- Welcome to JKHub, buddy!
    This saber is deliciously seasoned for my sensual desires. Awesome, good job.
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