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  1. @HUM-3154 Awesome dude! If you wanna bring over Thanos sword I'll be happy to do a soundpack for em. For the weapon and the character.
  2. László Kovács ASC was a Hungarian cinematographer who was influential in the development of American New Wave films in the 1970s, collaborating with directors like Peter Bogdanovich, Richard Rush, Dennis Hopper, Norman Jewison, and Martin Scorsese.
  3. You are very handsome you know.

    1. Syko


      Thanks mum.

  4. -waves- Welcome to JKHub, buddy!
    This saber is deliciously seasoned for my sensual desires. Awesome, good job.
  5. @DarthStiv @ZelZel @TheWhitePhoenix @Coolin Sorry for the late notification, saw ya'll liked it, figured you'd be interested.
  6. PSYCH! The guy above is being worked on still, but I managed to finish... BANKAI ICHIGO: Comes with: His blade, Tensa Zangetsu. Brand new English VA sounds for him (not for his sword.) Bot support. NPC Support. Team Support. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/teis19bdyck9w9v/BankaiIchigo.pk3?dl=0 Have fun! 🙂
  7. I've got a character nearly done, so I'll be uploading him shortly. He's from a classic sci-fi JRPG franchise that started in the 90's. 😉 Hint:
  8. Geez, I'm surprised I didn't post this till now, I brought JC over awhile back WITH the Dragon Tooth Sword:
  9. Looks great, and oof I didn't realize they were ports, maybe look into getting a partner who's an expert at optimization. I have someone who was able to optimize a 10k vert model down to below 6600 and still have it look basically identical to what it was previously. If worst comes to worst you could always get the model from another game. Also wondering if you were interested in the Crucible blade as well? Or just the Doomslayer.
  10. Nice! We don't seem to have the Doomslayer in the game yet, maybe you could be the one to make that happen? Even has a sword in his game that could fit well for him. As it stands though, this model is awesome. Really enjoying the non-Star Wars content being brought to JKA in the past 2 years, I can't think of THAT many SW characters that haven't been brought over yet.
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