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  1. No problem. For real though, you came sadly very late to the scene, as I said people really did do requests on characters they weren't even particularly interested in just because they ENJOYED filling requests and improving their modeling skills, depending on the person of course. On the other hand, to give you some perspective on the modding scene TODAY? I've offered money recently to a few people who were happy to accept it in exchange for a commissioned model... but they had to turn it down due to time constraints despite some of them being heavily interested and being paid for it to boot (not cheap either, I was prepared to offer like some $150+ for a model and some weapons). Besides that there are VERY few modelers left at ALL, and pretty much none of them take requests or are heavily against ports, which is a fair stance to have from a moral and legal standpoint due to it taking credit away from the actual models made from scratch: "Hey, that's a great looking Luke model you made, especially for your first model, unfortunately I just ported Luke from the new EA Battlefront so expect people to download that one instead. :)" Jeff has single-handedly made porting more... well-liked and acceptable (this is my perception of it at least, he's arguably the most famous non-mod on JKHub today) on JKHub, but there are still people heavily against it. Did you know you can get sued for using ported content in a mod? This site could get potentially shut down if it's discovered for hosting "ported content", thankfully companies won't ever reasonably go for a cease and desist unless it's a straight up remake by fans like the KOTOR remake or that 3D Chrono Trigger remake that got shut down. Mods are usually safe territory but still very risky. Sorry for my rant, I just feel this needed an explanation, since newer people dunno why ports are hated so much (I used to be one of those people), hope this helps anyone reading. Anyway, all your recent stuff is looking great, @Jeff, can't wait to see the next batch!
  2. Thats the issue, time. People years ago would be happy to do requests they weren't even personally interested in doing, they'd do it just because they enjoyed modeling and wanted to contribute to the community. As we all get older I think many of them just find rarely time to make a fully detailed model, which can be worked on for months at a time.
    It's literally just a normal stormtrooper office with a lightsaber. I'm surprised this made it past the submission, no offence. Why not just create a stormtrooper NPC file and give him a lightsaber, why should I download this? lol
  3. Jeff is a national treasure for putting up with our BS.
  4. Yessssss, I've wanted Kueller for a long time.
  5. Lord Of Hate

    Kyle 2020

    Hope the coronvirus gets stamped out soon. Thanks for the model, it brings humor during this sad times.
    I really like this design, a battle bar is a unique and cool idea.
  6. This is great, wish we had a He-Man mod to go with it.
  7. I know, but him being the original big bad gives him a certain allure.
  8. he said he's not releasing links for them.
  9. This is pretty cool, man!
  10. But Demise tho... I get it tho, he'd be just another Ganon, ig.
  11. I gotcha, I had a member help me recently and I paid him so I figured I'd give it a shot. By chance what are the models you're ready to release? Unless you'd rather it be a surprise. When you said Ike was in the works I got super excited in particular, haha. Have a great day.
  12. Last request, I promise. This one is really important to me, I'm willing to pay actual money if you can do it: Donnel from Fire Emblem: Awakening on the 3DS?: No pressure, but I assume he'd be low-poly enough for JKA, he's very simple. I'm willing to pay upwards of $10. $20 if you include his spear, we can negotiate though, if you want! If you can get him in his "Hero" attire, even better. Dude became my favorite character by far, plus his stat growths are nuts. I know the requests may be getting annoying so I'll let this be my last one.
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