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  1. Is it normal for the bot named "Kylo Ren" appeared as a Kyle Katarn model with his saber but in red instead? In the character creation, he appears without the mask.
  2. DeNiaL

    Yo hello!

    Hello to those who have time reading this lame introduction of mine! lel I'm Nial, age 21 from Malaysia. I found this site a few days ago after I installed Jedi Academy and started downloading mods from here and ModDB, so I decided to join in. At first I only have Jedi Outcast installed on my laptop, I've been playing the game since last week and for some reasons my save file is gone, but I wouldn't worry about that. I looked up on Google for any interesting mods for Jedi Outcast and most of the results showed that Jedi Academy has A LOT of good mods including Kylo Ren, oh man that made me install Jedi Academy. So yeah, that's it for my introduction I guess, ask me anything and I'll reply what I can. Also, I'm not used to this site yet, but I've been in a lot of forums for San Andreas Multiplayer back then. I also wanted to learn about how to make custom skins/saber/etc. I hope everyone is having a good time reading and may the force be with you.
  3. Still waiting for someone to release OPM Saitama skin.

    1. Merek
    2. DeNiaL


      It's an anime character, but that's not important. xD I'm actually hoping for Rey from SWTFA skins to be released.

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