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DOWNLOAD Plasma's HD Lightsabers or Gale will wield the regular stingers. Updates will be incoming, including Singleplayer voice replacement. Credits to Scerendo for the original model and permissions!

► 23
► Vahla/Human
► 1.8m
► 84 kg
► Amber/Corrupt Red
► Brown
► Sulon
► Male
► Sith Eternal
► Legionnaire
► Positive

Gram was born the son of Morgan and Patricia Van Alasdaire, immigrant farmers from the New Vahla colony who now resided on Sulon. Growing up on a local farm, the young boy quickly became adept at reprogramming and repairing the working droids. After learning about his parent’s death at the hands of one of said malfunctioning security droids, he enlisted as a member of the Sorosub Research and Development team.

His race marked him apart from his fellow peers, taking on the name of Gale and leaving the identity of Gram behind. He served for a number of his teenage years as a Lieutenant, being deployed on exploratory vessels with the intent to find conventional locations in the Unknown Regions. The purpose of these ventures was to establish a rudimentary framework for refueling stations.During this time, Gale’s latent Force-sensitivity began to reveal itself, showing him a brief premonition that saved the lives of his peers, avoiding a head on collision with a nearby asteroid. Though he saved the crew initially, the resulting damage to the hyperdrive sent them abandoned to the deep reaches of space - an area known as the Nihl Retreat. Gale and his flight searched desperately for anyone alive in the deep void, seeking aide with distress beacons and vain flare of plasma.

His suspicions regarding his own abilities where confirmed when a lone outpost replied to their distress. Their freighter landed, and the flight was quickly boarded and overcome by the forces therein. Though his flight died, throughout variety of vicious and inhuman means, Gale managed to make a convincing argument for his survival - having for the first time aggressively and instinctively using the Force against his captors. His time spent as a prisoner still weighs in his mind, and the choices he made to survive has resulted in a severely damaged psyche. As a result, he was given a choice. Live as a newly minted member of the Eternal, or die a forgotten casualty in the darkness of the void. Choosing to survive and learn, Gale threw himself into his studies of the Force and the Dark Side, fueled by a fervent will to live, and thrive.

But the damage done by his training at the hands of the Sith proved too much for his mind to bear. With madness slowly whittling away at his sanity, Gale has taken to avoiding the Darkness within him and seeking help to control this ailing disease.


/// NPCs and Notes

NPC SPAWN GALE = Spawns Gale as a Sorcerer of Rhand.

NPC SPAWN GRAM= Spawns Gale as a fully trained independent force sensitive.


What's New in Version 01/07/2021 09:53 PM


This includes an update to the NPC files as well as an update to ONE SKIN. Yes. Just the one.

You will find that the NPC updates should be more than enough to keep you occupied, however. Please note that for whatever reason the pilot versions of Gale seem to have invisible saber blades. Shouldn't be an issue with spawning them as they use blasters. However if you want to "playermodel" them, keep that in mind.

NPC SPAWN is the default command, followed by the name of the NPC in question;

Gale - Spawns Gale as an Azure Wing lieutenant. Azure Wing being a subgroup in a private civilian Militia known as the Paladins of Vahla. Uses his E-11 and the Force.

Gale2 - Spawns Gale with his black hide synth jacket. Utilizes a Green lightsaber gifted by his cousin in combat.

Gram - Spawns Jedi Knight Gram. Gram has lost his left arm in combat against the Sith, and now adorns the crimson colors of his family crest.

Gram2- Spawns Gram prior to the battle that cost him his arm, and nearly his life.

Gale_Leather - Spawns Gale with the regular Resistance leather jacket, common spacer clothing 200 years after TROS.

Gale_Leather2 - Spawns Gale with his leather officer uniform. Also common in allied militaries after TROS.

Gale_Pilot - Having flown many missions in his time before discovering his force sensitivity - take a look back at the sharpshooter who made his name as a Navigator in the deep reaches of space!

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