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  1. What I'm basicly trying to find out is if it is possible to have a specific sword model use the blur trail without doing it through the console and changing it for all sabers/swords? I haven't tried recently but back when I made it a few things I tried through the .sab file didn't work. I just want this 1 sword to use that trail style.
  2. OMG, you need to email him back asap, if they still have info on the model compiler then they may have a way to properly decompile .glm and .gla files into say Softimage since the basemodels that were released by Keshire are all borked and import with no bones where the nonhumanoidmodels like rancor and such all import with full heirarchy, bones, envelope weights and animations. While with the source models files someone like myself COULD compile every animation with a model rigged to it into 1 file with each animation labeled in the mixer but it would take FOREVER.
  3. I could understand it being annoying if you are bouncing from FFA server to FFA server but when I would play on a few different lugormod servers I would just download the files that the regulars used. Would be best if there was just a script with a list pointing to all the base models and some way to randomize the selection, don't like the manequin idea since you'd just see a bunch of them rather than a bunch of Kyles.
  4. I took a look at the model and it needs work before going in game, it doesn't match the skeleton very well on the hands and the elbows and knees lack enough edge loops for good deformation.
  5. The model came from a mod for half-life called ESF (Earth Special Forces), you can probably contact someone there for permission to use their model and have someone else make it work for JA. http://esforces.com/ Mod has been in the works for many years but looks awesome.
  6. ^I'll tell anyone anything they want to know and I've been in the game since '04, all you have to do is ask. You should go for it, weapon modeling is incredibly simple, well maybe not simple to get super high quality art but the part of getting in game is a breeze. Start by actually learning the program and how to model before diving right into trying to get something in game though.
  7. If you keep an eye on that thread you'll see a video tutorial pop up eventually. Psyko is an OG, still got him on win live messenger.
  8. JKHub.net has been around forever, always liked going on there to look at the JK Rebirth Mod.
  9. 288 downloads

    Tie Hunter Discription: A prototype tie fighter that was to best the x-wing Many probably wont recognize this thing but it was from the game Star Wars Rogue Squadron III:Rebel Strike It looks kinda like a tie interceptor but with all the fixins of an x-wing(minus the droid) It has two laser cannons, sheilds, missils, s-foils and a hyperdrive. For this i made the imp_laser thinner to look more like they do in the movies. As well as it has no exhaust cause in the movies the engines just kinda glowed red so thats what i did for that. And for those who feel all ships should do this, it can roll. Installation Just throw the tie_hunter.pk3 in your base and its as simple as that! Uninstallation Take the tie_hunter.pk3 out of the base folder Spawn code /npc spawn vehicle tie_hunter Notes: The two cannons on the struts were ion cannons in RS3, until i figure out how to code it to where i can toggle between them like the atst, they wont do anything. I also tried to make the lasers fire linked like the movies but you can just hit Use Held Item to link em. Model: me Anims and riggin: me Skins: Raven Shaders and efx files: me Text files: me Beta testing: Angelis This file and all of its contents CANNOT be modified, changed, or used in any map, mod, or project at all unless i approve. If your seeking permission you can contact me at minilogoguy
  10. 251 downloads

    Star Viper (Xizor's Virago) ------------------------------------- This is the very popular Back Sun starfighter from Shadows of the Empire expanded universe, the Star Viper. When landed the wings are folded back and the guns tucked behind the ship. When in attack mode the wings open and quoting a discription "blossom like a flower of death" as well as the cannons rotating forward. This is actually the second one that i made. The first had a terrible skin and wasnt too accurate since i could't find any good reference pics so i scrapped it. Then a little while back i decided to remake it new and improved. Spawning: To spawn this vehicle, go ingame and use devmap to enable cheats. Then type: /npc spawn vehicle star_viper Then step back a bit to let it spawn. ------------------------------------------ Installation: Put the star viper.pk3 into your base folder Uninstallation: Remove the star viper.pk3 from your base folder ------------------------------------------ Model: minilogoguy18 Rigging and animations: minilogoguy18 Skin: NeoMarz1 (Mars Marshal) ------------------------------------- This file and all of its contents canT be modified, changed, or used in any map, mod, or project as long as i say its cool...
  11. 535 downloads

    Arc-170 Fighter Description: Protecting the skies over Coruscant were specialized clone fighter forces flying the latest in starfighter technology. The ARC-170 fighter was a bulky, aggressive ship covered with weapons. Three clone trooper pilots operated this advanced combat craft, with a pilot handling the flight maneuvers, a copilot operating the laser cannons mounted on the ship's wide wings, and a tailgunner operating the dorsal rear-facing cannon. The fighter also carried an astromech droid for onboard repairs. Installation: Just throw the mini_arc.pk3 in your base and its as simple as that! Uninstallation: Take the mini_arc.pk3 out of the base folder Spawn code: /npc spawn vehicle mini_arc Notes: I tried to get just the glass on the cockpit mesh to have a glare but it wouldnt work right. I think the only way i could get it to work is make a new mesh out of just the glass. I also very badly wanted to make the rear turrets controllable but i need to test it alot more, but ill keep the ship set up so that it may one day be able to do so... Model: me Anims and riggin: me Skins: Dark_Cuillere Shaders and efx files: me Text files: me Beta testing: Me N' Dark_Cuillere Programs used: Softimage|XSI v4.2, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, notepad and all the stuff that came with the SDK This file and all of its contents can be modified, changed, or used in any map, mod, or project if i approve. If your seeking permission you can contact me at minilogoguy18@aol.com, or post on the forums.
  12. 284 downloads

    V-Wing Version 1.0 Description: While the robust ARC-170s served as heavy fire craft, the nimble V-wing fighters were better suited to dogfight engagements against the speedy vulture starfighters and tri-fighters. The needle-nosed craft could hold a single clone pilot, with a partially covered astromech droid providing navigation and in-flight repairs. Bracketing the wedge-shaped ship were a set of flat wings extending above and below the ship. The wings were on articulated collars that allowed them to rotate 90 degrees for landing. Two pairs of laser cannons were mounted on the wing struts, providing the V-wing with rapid snap-fire capability. Installation Just throw the mini_vWing.pk3 in your base and its as simple as that! Uninstallation Take the mini_vWing.pk3 out of the base folder Spawn code /npc spawn vehicle v-wing Notes: Sometimes when you land and hit "use" to get out of the ship it'll just center the view, but just keep hittig it and it'll let you out. =P Model: me Anims and riggin: me Skins: Dark_Cuillere Shaders and efx files: me & Inyri Forge Text files: me Special Thanks: A big one to Dark_Cuillere for skinnning this thing for me since im a terrible texture artist, it sucks though that he's very busy with college now to help me anymore =( Also to Inyri for helping me with the layered shader to give the windows of the cockpit a glare while the rest of the model has a specular glow. Oh yeah also to my buddy Corto for having the patience of teaching me how to use Softimage|XSI after me using 3dsmax for so long. =P This file and all of its contents CAN be modified, changed, or used in any map, mod, or project. Just make sure you let me know first and credit the original authors and include the original readme. If your seeking permission you can contact me at minilogoguy18@aol.com
  13. I personally love DF2 and MotS, all I can say is don't copy the maps from the old game too closely considering how old the games were, the size and layout should be similar but textures and lighting should be updated to fit this engine better. If you need map objects post some requests, may become interetested in some.
  14. http://jkhub.org/tutorials/article/90-softimage-mod-tool-joja-skeleton-bonestags-and-compiling-guide/ BAM! If anyone is familiar with Almighty_gir's awesome Revan model then you should know it was compiled using Mod Tool 7.5 Feel free to post any questions in the tutorial thread, that way anyone looking may get things answered from others experience.
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