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  1. Has anyone got a chance to try anything new? @@Langerd
  2. You know after looking at some of the files you referenced, that does look like a extremely good fit for this skin
  3. You definitley know allot more than i do xD
  4. The shirt looks actually very similiar.. The black "fur" that goes over the shoulder is what really sets it apart
  5. Wow, i definitley see some similiarties. Im suprised someone actually took this up xD It looks pretty good It just really seems like the hair needs some adjustments. Then everything else will fall into place
  6. I see it as fair to pay someone for it, if they put tons of hours into it i wouldnt feel right just taking it. But unfortunatley it looks as if noone will be interested anyways
  7. Would anyone be interested if there was cash?
  8. That's a good show too! He's actually at "the wall" a snowy place on the continent "westeross"
  9. Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in modeling or skinning [if there is any applicable models already] Jon Snow. obviously game of thrones is a very popular show and im suprised noones done this yet xD Just curious if someone would, it would be really cool!
  10. Hey if anyones interested i am willing to pay in order to get this model.. Pm me for rates
  11. A large Tyrion is better than no Tyrion!!!
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