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  1. Galactic Legacy is an ambitious mod, but we are but a small team. Many areas of the mod are covered, but there are other areas where we need help! That's where YOU can come in!

    We are currently hiring for the following roles:

    Translator: Currently all of SWGL is written in English, we'd like to provide text in other languages! The following are a list of languages we would like to offer translations for:
    - French
    - Spanish
    - Italian
    - Czech
    - Turkish

    Even if your language is not listed, we'd still love to have you! German is already covered

    Mapper : We have one mapper, he is overworked. We need moar!

    Texture Artist: Whether creating promotional art or creating textures for models, we need your help!

    If you're interested in helping us out, please send me a DM letting a member of the team know your interest! Additionally, if you're interested in a role not listed here, such as MODELING, MISSION DESIGNING, and UI/MENU DESIGN, please let us know!


  2. 11 hours ago, the_raven said:

    Hello, world! ? I'm Bach! ?

    I wanted to download the Kotor pack, but couldn't find it among all those other packs on Jeff's dropbox whereas the dedicated link to the file doesn't work. Can anyone help?

    I'm still down to help out with that, I still have the sounds I set up from kotor into jkhub (I know you commented on my forum on)

    Glad to see you back

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  3. I was able to figure it out and beat the mod.

    I enjoyed playing this mod.

    my only complaint i have is in regard to the final level. It's too dark. The darkness makes the level too confusing to navigate. something resembling moon light would have helped because zooming around in a speeder in a place i can't see is frustrating

    The final map and other areas in some maps too dark to the point you need max brightness

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  4. Made it to the library, still got time before reinforcements arrive. I've searched the whole library top to bottom, hitting the interact key on everything and can't find what i'm suppose to do. what do i do? what do i interact with to progress through the level?

  5. On 1/11/2020 at 7:13 PM, Teancum said:

    So definitely NOT trying to hijack, but I took a bit of a different direction with Lumiya. This is more to show Jeff based on a side conversation that we had. Note that this is for Star Wars Battlefront 2 and not JKA, but that's because I haven't really learned JKA rigging. This uses the Xbox SWBF2 Ventress body, Jeff's head, and a turban from Star Wars Galaxies, since that's been shut down for years now. It's not high poly or anything so I don't know how this would look in JKA.


    I'm surprised you were able to get that to work. Is there even source files for Ventress' and Fisto's gameplay style since they're both different from the other hero units?

  6. 2 hours ago, Lord Of Hate said:

    I'll test out a music track today but I'm almost certain music and sound use the same thing, sound ik for a fact is 44100hz, i promise you, because thats what i used to configure my Garland model's soundpack which i did about a week ago, but music might be different.

    Edit: Just checked, it uses 44100hz, I checked through looking at the original games music tracks in audacity and it uses 44100hz, haha. Hope this helped!

    weird, i remember trying to convert music to 44100hz but it wouldn't play in game

  7. On 6/14/2019 at 6:07 PM, Tompa9 said:

    My recent work on JFO Purge troopers. I've done both default & commander skins. It is kitbash of @@AshuraDX's clone model + airborne clone helmet and kilt + @@Scerendo's Deathtrooper's pauldron. All accurately reskinned to match games design.



    Nice work on the purge troopers

    It would be interesting in whatever mod (can't think of specifics) if someone recreated the purge trooper commander's blaster rifle with one of the unique functions it has

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  8. I recently got a character model of Lord Skere Kaan I requested over a year ago and I am SOOOOOOOOOO greatful for it. Also it helps that I had other things to keep me patient knowing that the modeling process is not a cakewalk (well to Jeff it probably is, depending on what he’s working on lol).

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  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eAw_L9sKiic

    Here’s something I did the other day: An expansion on one of my previous experiments, results are all over the place I’ll admit that.

    Based on what i did for the video where Atton and Rax go at each other, I decided to add to this by replacing more of Rax’s and Jaden’s and even the stormtroopers dialogue. Making Rax more passive aggressive from the use of Commander Derns dialogue and one pitched down line from Patrol Captain Dehno (that czerka officer you see near a dead Wookiee who you can fight, when you early on the great walkway on Kashyyyk in kotor 1), Atton being snide towards Rax and co, and two sith troopers conversing about oppressing the local resistance and a commander on comlink loosing his temper and opening fire on someone. All in it’s weird, intriguing, and awkwardly spliced glory.

    Also, yes, I am using the kotor sounds i converted into Jedi academy and I also got the kotor 2 telos military base music working with no problem. Something I had done prior 2 or 3 years ago.

    Side note/tangent/rambling: With the files I own getting kotor 2 music works in Jedi academy without issue by just copy, pasting, and renaming the files to replace the original tracks with no issue (why? I don’t know) unlike kotor 1 where doing the same process crashes the game. And yes I’ve tried to get it to work in the past by rendering it in Vegas and audacity, wouldn’t work for some reason, maybe I configured it wrong.

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  10. 14 hours ago, Ramikad said:

    In theory, if you wanted the base game maps (and characters too, really) in GL2, you'd have to at least add normal maps and RMO/SG textures, according to which workflow you choose (respectively roughness / metallic / ambient occlusion, or specular / gloss). Also, modifying the original textures from diffuse to albedo (basically "flattening"  the texture to remove shadows) to work properly with the new renderer would probably make the effect better. Ultimately it's just theory though - there's no guarantee that it would look right in practice. SomaZ's experimental video of Vjun seems at least promising, though:


    I was able to find it but i want to ask: wil it work with the latest version of openjk? This version is over a year old hence my concern

  11. weird, we can change the textures but not incorporate other elements to the vanilla maps. custom maps for obvious reasons but not vanilla maps. how much work would be done to get it to work with the base game maps?

    I tried warzone, it's so weird especially since it's hard to tell what does what and on top of that from my experience with it, whatever graphical mumbo jumbo was done in that mod just made the game look blurry (and i was at max settings) and have obnoxious bloom that i couldnt get of no matter how much i messed around with the graphical settings

  12. First of all: yes, the title sounds weird because you’re thinking to yourself “Query: what do you mean by ‘more in depth graphics mod’”

    Here’s what I mean by that: I’m curious to know if there’s a graphics mod that adds additional features and not just adding HD textures on blocky old level geometry. I’m curious if anyone knows about a graphics mod for Jedi academy that adds things like normal and/or bump mapping and ambient occlusion to the game. Has that been done before? Is it possible? Or is not possible due to how old the engine is (20 years to be specific)? I’m sure a graphics mod like that exist that’s not the aforementioned putting HD textures to replace the vanilla textures while still looking flat-ish or messing with the lighting and make everything look obnoxiously dark. I did see a mod that adds bump maps onto the weapons https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/Mods/Weapons/75949/ and it’s been done with character models and some maps (i think) but has anyone tried doing that for the textures for the base games used in the campaign and MP maps?

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  13. https://youtu.be/tAlGBofkekc


    Here's a few things I did a few months ago, returning to the idea of kotor in JKA I was inspired by TNO's kotor conversion mod and I saw a part of the video where Chewbacca is replaced with Canderous Ordo. Here's my take on it for dialogue (most of Chewies dialogue is unchanged, when i find the inspiration and how i can make it coherent I will make a full walkthrough of the Mercenary Activity when I do this). Also i think Jaden's unaltered dialogue with Canderous' in this footage is funny



    Me replaying Crimelord takedown with another change I did MONTHS ago. What's different on this version? I changed the Nikto who replace the human mercs with ACTUAL human mercs from kotor (specifically kotor 2) with a soundset i assembled with VO bits from kotor 2

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