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  1. A few years ago, I started a mod that replaced all of the music in Jedi Academy with music from the prequel movies. As you may know, both Jedi Knight games contain only music from the sequel soundtracks. I made it mostly for a change in the music of the game, but also for a prequel conversion I made.


    I never completely finished it and I wasn't entirely sure if it was going to work because it was becoming a huge file with all the audio files. That's one reason why I stopped working on it. I might pick it up again and work on lowering the size of the files, since I now have more knowledge of that sort of thing, since I am an audio engineering major and whatnot.


    What are your thoughts on this?

  2. Correct, but when you bind it, use "bind [key] runscript player [scriptname]". For some reason, when you bind runscript it requires the target to be specified.


    Also, in your script, why do you have the same block with conflicting values?



    That's for turning off the n-th blade of a saber, so on a dual-bladed server it turns of both. (If you have some modded 5-blade-saber you're out of luck)

    I'm on Mac and I can't get BehavED to work on Crossover or Wine, and my VirtualBox does't start up anymore. Could someone, @@mrwonko, make this for me and send it to me? That would be much appreciated.
  3. So all the pk3 editors for Mac are now extinct and either don't work with current versions of OS X or were taken offline.


    Does anyone know of any current ones?


    I've tried just making .zip files and then renaming but that doesn't work.

  4. E-mail existed four years ago, so I expect he located an e-mail address that was either for (or he believed it to be for) someone at LucasArts, and sent an e-mail to said address.


    We had been in contact with LA in the past for JKFiles. They used to actually respond. No so much anymore.

    This. I found it on their website way back when.

  5. I'm not sure you understand strafe jumping?

    SP is very different with regards to acceleration and friction. The strafe angle is very wide and it seems friction is applied in the air. It's also near impossible to perform a circle jump (which gives your starting jump ~320 ups in MP as opposed to 250 ups running speed)

    I guess you're right. I've never had a reason do all that in that video.

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