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  1. Rend2 should be bigger improvement than ENB / Sweetfx
  2. I always use cg_dynamicCrosshair 0 and cg_thirdPersonCameraDamp 0.5. There may be other settings too but I'm not sure
  3. There are a lot of servers using jkhub master already :) http://my.jacklul.com/jkhubservers/
  4. Try using jamp.exe / jasp.exe (or openjk.exe) if you are launching the game through batch file or shortcut
  5. I have no idea about this crash so my only suggestion is to try with openjk exe http://builds.openjk.org/ But I don't know if EoC/ojp are compatible
  6. I want to vote yes to this server but this is very true. Maybe default game mode should be TFFA or something to stand out.
  7. I don't think it looks bad but maybe motion blur could help c1=selectevery(last, 2, 0) c2=selectevery(last, 2, 1) Average(c1, 0.33333333333, c2, 0.66666666667)
  8. Anti-warp would be good too. I have seen people 'lagging' through mines
  9. Yes I agree with eezstreet Anyone can start thread for JKA screenshots or arrange ctf match
  10. Maybe new graphics drivers could help: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop/legacy?product=legacy2&os=Windows%207%20-%2032
  11. For me looks like this: Vanilla Rend2
  12. I can see liquid shwarts and it doesn't disappear when I click get new list :)
  13. I think google sites works for this because they don't rename files jp_DlBaseURL "http://sites.google.com/site/japrojka/download/" should be correct format (havent tested)
  14. For me HDR works but r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic doesn't :unsure:
  15. h643

    Siege improvements?

    So I decided to create a list of improvements/problems Nerf spec-joinYou need to click/hold +attack after dying to ensure you don't miss next spawnYou don't lose a point if you self-kill by switching class, but client predicts it willg_doWarmup is disabled in siege?Enter ATST with dropped saber -> call saber back -> leave ATST (maybe other vehicles too)Spawn timer should be always visible?Cloak / tech ammo can / jetpack fuel meter not removed after death
  16. Yes it's possible but you need to use custom script seta ffa1 "set g_gametype 0; map mp/ffa1; set nextmap vstr ffa2" seta ffa2 "set g_gametype 0; map mp/ffa2; set nextmap vstr ffa3" seta ffa3 "set g_gametype 0; map mp/ffa3; set nextmap vstr ffa4" seta ffa4 "set g_gametype 0; map mp/ffa4; set nextmap vstr ffa5" seta ffa5 "set g_gametype 0; map mp/ffa5; set nextmap vstr ctf1" seta ctf1 "set g_gametype 8; map mp/ctf1; set nextmap vstr ctf2" seta ctf2 "set g_gametype 8; map mp/ctf2; set nextmap vstr ctf3" seta ctf3 "set g_gametype 8; map mp/ctf3; set nextmap vstr ctf4" seta ctf4 "set g_gametype 8; map mp/ctf4; set nextmap vstr ctf5" seta ctf5 "set g_gametype 8; map mp/ctf5; set nextmap vstr hoth" seta hoth "set g_gametype 7; map mp/siege_hoth; set nextmap vstr desert" seta desert "set g_gametype 7; map mp/siege_desert; set nextmap vstr korriban" seta korriban "set g_gametype 7; map mp/siege_korriban; set nextmap vstr ffa1" vstr ffa1 EDIT: fixed
  17. I think this discussion is interesting for what gametypes would be played in JKhub server (I'm not aware of any plans)
  18. This will probably not help with the issue but you should patch the game http://jkhub.org/files/file/73-jedi-academy-patch-pc/
  19. http://i.imgur.com/C01EqP5.png (~week old) I have tried to reproduce it but failed. uix86 end-of-file doesn't happen normally either I think it was just temporary hardware problem
  20. Hmm I think it could be related to that config thing (invalid cvar value in openjk.cfg?). Would running as admin be separate user?
  21. Just happened to me a week ago It means your config file got too big (should be error message for that )
  22. It would be better to host the bonus.pk3 file instead of the installer But the maps are good )
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