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  1. I have a little script I'm working on where the player will activate a trigger that will run a script which should, in theory, let them take control of one of the saber_droid NPCs. It works kind of, the problem is you can't get out of it (prompt says "Press 'Jump' to exit" but jumping doesn't exit) and even though the droid is equipped with a lightsaber, I can't activate it or attack with it. My script is very simple: affect ( "player", /*@AFFECT_TYPE*/ FLUSH ) { set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_VIEWENTITY", "droid1" ); } Anyone got any ideas on how to make this work? EDIT: Out of curiosity I also tried just setting playermodel saber_droid with a script, and I can ignite the saber but I can't attack.
  2. That's a tough question. Probably the beach scene. I love the little fake out they did where you think her friend is walking up behind her but then you see her out in the water. Then shit gets crazy. What about you? Can't stop listening to this ever since I saw the GitS trailer.
  3. Been rereading one of my favorite books, Summer of Night by Dan Simmons. It's a bit like Stephen King's IT, young kids battling some supernatural evil in their small American town, set in the early 60s. And I've also been reading Neuromancer! Been on a cyberpunk kick lately. I'm going to check out Escapology by Ren Warom next, also cyberpunk. Saw it in the sci-fi section of my local Barnes and Noble. The cover had a blue holographic shark on it so of course it stood out.
  4. That reminds me of the days when my friend and I would make shitty electronic music with his demo version of eJay.
  5. Trying to cheer myself up while I have this irritating cold. I've prescribed myself some aggressively happy music. Those poor whammy bars tho.
  6. Here's what you'll need to do, in detailed instructions. First: 1. Open BehavEd to make a spawnscript for your map. 2. Add an affect statement to your script and replace the text that says 'DEFAULT' with a name like 'player' (minus the quotes). 3. Make sure your affect statement is expanded by clicking the little + sign to the left of it, then add a set command inside the affect command (the first set command, the one that says '<E"set_types">, <str>'). 4. Click the drop down arrow on the left text box of the set command and scroll down until you find the option SET_WEAPON under the special tables section. 5. Click the Re-evaluate button and then select WP_NONE in the drop down menu on the right. 6. Clone the set command, or just copy+paste it, then change WP_NONE to WP_BLASTER_PISTOL or WP_BRYAR_PISTOL, whichever one you wanted. That's it for the script. Save it and compile it. Then open Radiant and do this: 1. Add a target_scriptrunner near your info_player_start and link your info_player_start to it with ctrl+k. 2. Select the script runner and press N to edit it's properties. Give it a key of 'usescript' with a value pointing to whatever you named your script. If you saved your script in a folder like gamedata/base/scripts/mymapscripts/myscript, all you need to set for the value is 'mymapscripts/myscript'. 3. Finally edit it your info_player_start to give it an NPC_targetname matching the one you used in the affect statement in your script, in this example I suggested 'player'. I think that should do it. Just save and compile your map. EDIT: Alternatively, I think you could just skip adding the target_scriptrunner and set the script via the 'spawnscript' key on your info_player_start, with a value pointing to your script. That's one less step I guess.
  7. Been working on one more elite guard variant, the master guard: He's got a little cape! That's how you know he's special. If there's time I may give him a unique helmet as well. And the vibro blade is temporary. There was a sort of vibro axe someone made that I wanted to use, but I can't find it right now.
  8. Tags are little triangular planes that are used for determining positioning of objects in the game. For instance, humanoid models will have tags for each hand that lightsaber hilts or guns can be bolted to. If you import the stormtrooper model into Blender and look at the model_root_0 hierarchy, you can find the left hand tag. You probably won't be able to see it unless you go to the object tab and turn on x-ray view for that object. Like in this screenshot: I believe all tags are named starting with a *, but I'm not sure. EDIT: Or yeah, what Psyk0Sith said.
  9. Potential design for the second-in-command of the enemies in the game:
  10. I'll try that too, tomorrow maybe. Gonna go for a run now. But I did successfully make this frankenstein, just to try the process with some more similar models: Although there's a problem of the npc staring up instead of at me.
  11. The exact error message is "could not load surface force_shield_off (LOD 0) from Blender: Could not load a vertex: Unweighted vertex found!" It still gives me that error even after following your instructions to assign the verts to the skeleton_root group.
  12. Okay, so I imported my stormtrooper, deleted the other model_roots (what are those by the way, and why am I deleting them?), I parented the shield to the stormtrooper torso_0, but when I try to export as a glm I get an error message about unweighted verts. So I searched the forums and found this thread: https://jkhub.org/topic/6968-blender-lod-help/?hl=unweighted&do=findComment&comment=100949 Did as the last post suggests and looked up some info on weighting. The shield is full red. I don't want it to be red right, because then it would...deform? I want it to be full blue don't I? In either case, I painted it all blue but selecting the whole skeleton in pose mode and moving it off to the side drags the stormtrooper model along with it, but not the shield. It does that whether I've painted the sphere blue or left it red. I assume this means something went wrong when I tried to parent the sphere to the stormtrooper model, but I don't know for sure. EDIT: I just looked at the assassin droid model and noticed the force_shield_off object was parented to hips_0 and not torso_0, so I parented it to the stormtrooper's hips_0 instead. Thought that might solve the problem, but it didn't. I'm just taking shots in the dark, I don't really know exactly what I'm doing.
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