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  1. What's with these negative comments if this idea is mastered it's great!!!
  2. Anyone help me reshade my jka to the max settings I can have n give me preset settings file maybe I have i7 rx 5600 16ram
  3. I appreciate everyone's hard work but will someone help me with all or useful cmds that r server side not admin cmds tho any that can change gameplay PLEASE ty for reading even if no help comes I already know about the websites but I also use etjk n would like commands that aren't cheat protected or maybe commands that bucky unlocked thru etjk
  4. How much money would someone want to make this skin real ?
  5. i appreciate it i was up all night for an hour or so looking and checking but i mustve missed one cause i did find one i thought none would show up dont know how to open a file to check skin name TYVM
  6. can someone please direct me to a dark stalker skin/model that can be used in mp with the file name PLEAAAASE..
  7. It is fixed thanks for ur help sorry if i wasted ur time it was kindve n obv solution tho u can tell i am not techy XD
  8. Okay tyvm unneed ( i can guess ) but welcomed if u can tell me what ones arent needed
  9. Please help, i dl a cfg drl from gamingcfg.com and the text ingame menu and main menu doesnt show up i use jamp 1.01 no mods.... anyone know how to fix it
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