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  1. Rest in peace Binnygod, may the force be with you in another life.
  2. So jeditracker.com is down done and ended, japlus's old tracker is long gone too. Whats left besides gametraker? Has anyone from jkhub built a new one in the last year or so? cheers EDIT: just saw the other post saying it'd be back soon >.< and it doesnt look like theres any button for me to delete this
  3. Im going to poke you again, remember me?

  4. Why are half of Mr.Caelum's posts just dots?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Merek


      I wondered about this myself.

    3. afi


      He's probably ashamed

    4. MagSul


      He seemed surprised when I asked him shortly after it started. xD

  5. Jeh

    JK3Files Shuts Down

    Kudos to keeping the torrent seeded. I got a copy of it on http://jehy.ca/jk3files for those who want to pick through the zips.
  6. Looks awesome, would def have some use for this.
  7. What would it take to get steam to add jkhub's master server into the install? Maybe if raven gave the permission for it? Or couldn't ravensoft redirect masterjk3.ravensoft.org to master.jkhub.org so that the traffic runs through their domain but still uses jkhubs master server at the core.
  8. Whaat i didn't see you on EK. Hai doe.
  9. I've tried ./linuxjampded +exec server.cfg +set dedicated 2 +set net_port 29075 +set net_ip as well as ./linuxjampded +set fs_game base +exec server.cfg +set dedicated 2 +set net_port 29075 +set net_ip I still get that same error
  10. So i'm trying to run a base server on my vps with sv_pure "1" and when i connect to it with a base client i get an error that says "invalid game folder". If I connect to it with my JA++ client I get a "no shader files found error". I know this isn't a client side problem as other pure base servers work fine. My base contains the following files Any help is much appreciated!
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