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  1. I have been summoned. Yep-yep, Caelum took a permanent leave last year for personal reasons. It's mostly the same setup as before, with a few extra features that I either couldn't implement previously or just never got around to doing with jka.io; auto-installers for a handful of mods, web based file manager. Biggest difference being that support is done via an account on the site or email, rather than steam/discord/whatever, for my own sanity.
  2. The differences in those Linux Mint versions are referring to what is called a "Desktop Environment", which is essentially what your UI might look like. There's a lot of them to choose from, such as KDE, GNOME, or XFCE, to name a few. I'm personally quite fond of Ubuntu MATE, as well as Mint Cinnamon, and they both tend to be my go to suggestions for anybody looking to get into Linux for the first time. Arch is nice for somebody who is already experienced with Linux, but you need to be well familiar with command line before even attempting it. .
  3. http://xkcd.com/1354/ This might help to explain it a little bit. It is a bug that has the potential of leaking all sorts of crucial and personal information, including passwords. Just to be cautious, you may wish to change your passwords, especially for popular sites that were most effected (a list here) and where you may have reused the same common password. This doesn't mean that your personal information was for sure confirmed leaked. It just means that it's possible, and you would never know for certain because the nature of this bug leaves zero evidence behind. It's better to be safe than sorry. Chrome users may also want to enable checking for server certificate revocation, as it is not enabled by default. EDIT: https://www.cloudflarechallenge.com/heartbleed Private keys have successfully been extracted since their (and your) post. So it's definitely good to revoke and reissue them where possible. =P
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