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Which Rogue One character is your favorite?


Favorite Rogue One character  

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  1. 1. Which character from Rogue One is your favorite?

    • Jyn Erso
    • Cassian Andor
    • Orson Krennic
    • Chirrut Îmwe
    • K-2SO
    • Bodhi Rook
    • Baze Malbus
    • Saw Gerrera
    • Galen Erso
    • Darth Vader
    • Other (post below)

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Rogue One has been out for almost a week now, allowing for the majority to see it that want to see it early on. This film introduces a handful of brand new characers, while also cameoing a couple familiar ones. Who was your favorite character in the movie, and why?


Spoilers are allowed here. If you haven't seen it and care about spoilers, don't keep reading. Go see the movie. :P


Also, forewarning: keep the topic friendly and actually on-topic. Avoid any insults or insane debates. Keep it civil. You can discuss the film more in depth in this thread. (while still keeping it civil)


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KSO had no competition.  He was basically the movie version of HK-47 and good instead of evil.  And whoever voted for Jyn, wtf, explain to me what made her a good character because I have the hardest time believing someone would like her.  She was so bland.


In terms of writing though Bodhi Rook had the best character, he changed, grew up and overcame his fears.  Krennic was good too, but kind of static.

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Mon Mothma is great for sure. I also enjoyed Saw Guerrera, who showed the darker side of the rebellion as an idea (not just of the Rebel Alliance). The episodes with Onderon were among my most favourite in The Clone Wars, after all.


But here I voted for Krennic: he is a nice depiction of the Empire, of what's happening within the New Order behind the veil, and not on the scene. Just like Saw, he is an illustration of the obvious, but previously almost unseen sides of the Empire, which has ambitions among its members. Episode IV includes a dispute between the Imperials, and Episode V introduces Piett as a young Imperial military guy, who quickly climbs the career, even though he does little himself for that.

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I really liked Krennic. It's not often in Star Wars where the villain is just as much of an underdog as the heroes yet still manages to pose a threat.

^This. I like how he has like a "competition" with Tarkin to see who is the best for the emperor and how he tries to fix his mistakes. Besides I just love the actor and his acting, he's really good at it.

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