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  1. Honesty, I'm gonna have to go with The Phantom Menace on this one. "Duel of Fates" alone is so impressive and evocative, and so powerful. So, which of the soundtracks takes the cake for you? And, really, at least we can all agree on something... whichever soundtrack it is that we love the most, John Williams is the fuckin' man!
  2. What about KotOR 2 didn't you like? And although I can understand the disliking for TFU, I'll usually defend it. I really enjoyed that game when it came out and felt it added an interesting story to the EU, even if it wasn't great by any means. It was still good and pretty fun.
  3. ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP6JDLQF23g
  4. You know, to be perfectly honest, I haven't played it in... seven or eight years, I think. I had some copy that I fired up, but I'd have to dig around for it. I just remember it being pretty clunky and awkward, and there were some odd mechanics, both in terms of how the story functioned and how the game worked. On one hand, I definitely enjoyed myself; on the other hand, I knew the game wasn't that good. But that's how it goes, sometimes!
  5. I both have a soft spot for and really don't like The Phantom Menace video game, which I think was only for the PC. It came out around the same time as the movie, back in '99 or so. It was fun and I did enjoy it, but it also was just a sucky game. Maybe it's some mixture of nostalgia and actual appraisal giving me that feeling.
  6. Whenever I attempt to fire up the Challenge Mode in Movie Duels II, it'll crash. The mod runs fine otherwise and I've experienced few hiccups, and not really any issues. Has anybody else bumped into this problem?
  7. It sure does count here! I also found that MotS just didn't hold my attention nearly in the same way that DF2 did.
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