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Sign up for the Scrimmage Match!

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Please reply to this topic if you are interested in playing on the scrimmage match. Also list what time/day is best for you and where you are located so we can arrange a date and server that will appeal to everyone.






@eezstreet - Available all days, any time. Timezone: Eastern US.





Current people who are interested:


@eezstreet - (Any time/Eastern US)*

@@Seven - (Weekends or Weekdays between 4 and 11/US Eastern)

@@Darth Futuza - (Weekday evenings after 10 PM or during afternoon/day/US Mountain)

@ - (? / Australia)*

@@Stoiss - (Weekends/Denmark)*

@ - (Weekends/US Central)

@@Noodle - (Any day/US Eastern)

@@Noodle's siblings (Weekdays after 17:00 or Weekends/?)

@@nyarl - (Any day/Eastern Europe)

@@Darth Futuza's siblings - (Weekends/US Mountain)

@@MagSul - (Evenings preferred, can do mornings and afternoons on weekends / GMT)

@@SeTh - (Any time/US Eastern)

@@1NaCsTeR - (Any time/US Eastern)

@@Silverfang - (?/US Mountain)

@@ooxavenue - (?/US West Coast)*


* indicates a person who can host

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Update, I just tested the mod with @@ensiform, and I can host.


da rips, i spent the last day and half trying to get a working linux build, in order to host on a server that I believe will have gud up stream and down stream, I did get something to compile in the newest version of ubuntu, but it segfaults on when i connect a local client, but not with bots oddly enough. I also corrupted my primary boot partition because i tryed to install some crap to be able to referance more then 740 something gigs in 3tb harddrive. Note: turns out 32 bits can only access 2.2tb of info before it takes a shit, at least on win7 sp1. So i had to exchange that shit but im getting back on track, and hopefully by the end of today, I will know whether a linux server is feasible or not for jkg. But I haz to figure out how to get a gud debugger to work for linux so i can trace the cause of the seg fault.


Sigh... compilers...

If i am to default host to my home computer, in the past i was able to host up to 8-10 clients before lag became unbearable, eezstreet is across the US from me and he gets around 150 ping, :( I want to get something working more in the heart of the US, just... thats the proplem with getting gud cheap hosting, the servers are all linux.. fuk Bill Gates for charging for his op system.

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ty i will give it another compile here/test here shortly, but just right now i was compiling jkg in vs2013 however i had to remove "struct TextColors" and "textColorStart" and all things that referenced it in order to compile for 2013. Is the RGB color system working atm? is this struct needed/working for vs2015?

btw im (Z) in in the discord chat, tho i might not be on for the next hour or so cause im going to disappear into linux land

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