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Tried to compile last night with vs2013 and it worked fine, so it should work yes.  The struct you're talking about was changed recently as vs2013 doesn't support zero initialization for arrays/structs etc. It was kind of left over unnecessary code anyway.

EDIT: You do need to rerun cmake with the latest build (just click on the batch file to create a vs project and it'll do the work for you), then clean and rebuild.


Also AFAIK there seems to be a major bug with server connection between servers and clients at the moment.  We're looking into it.

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ok I seem to have an ok working linux version, only crashed on map changes, which isnt too big of a deal, game seems stable otherwise, im going to look into mac support, but could take a long time cause i dont have a mac osx partition and honestly i never touch mac.


da rips...


unless.. my linux i386 build can be ran on da macs, i hear its the same thing under the hood but im such an osx noob

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Will there be a server for us to practice on before the match? Tried using Nubsmoo's server earlier and it doesn't work with the current versions of the mod available :S

It should, I've updated my server, unless eez hasn't updated it yet

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