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Tales Of The Jedi

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I know many of you are busy and currently working on plenty of other projects but should any of you have some free time eventually and feel like tackling these I'd greatly appreciate it, also I apologize if any of these characters have been requested before but I don't think I've actually seen them made, I could be wrong but I haven't been able to find any myself..


Ulic Qel-Droma:







Nomi Sunrider:







Exar Kun:







Bonus Inquiry:


Has anyone ever attempted a protosaber? I think this would be an interesting design in game.







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I re-created the mesh of Exar Kun a bit, the one Jeff did. But I'm still considering where to start making an Ulic model in same quality at least. There are some model parts which would go well together but still most not available.

Also wondering about Nomi Sunrider being a combo of Mara Jade and female Jaden maybe. Maaaaybe.

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