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  1. The Punisher's post in Frankenstein Model Head Problem was marked as the answer   
    Haven't looked at the model but seems you don't have any head tags (*head_front, *head_back, *head_right, *head_left, *head_top, *head_eyes). Maybe when you  swapped the head you forgot to re-parent the tags and when  exported the model, they went missing.
  2. The Punisher's post in *HELP* / Guidance needed on my Michael Jordan playermodel; Using Blender was marked as the answer   
    Without looking at the model would be difficult to identify the actual issue but the issue on the screenshots seems to be a naming issue. Seems you have 2 "meshes" with the same object name (in the ghoul2 properties), therefore one of them is over-written by the other during export.
    As for the seams issue, there are a few posts about it. You can check https://jkhub.org/topic/8009-assistance-needed-for-blender/?hl=%2Bseams+%2Bfrom+%2Ban+%2Bisland&do=findComment&comment=115635
  3. The Punisher's post in I'm having trouble figuring out how to edit this playermodel was marked as the answer   
    Open the pk3 in packscape
    go to modles\players\kylo_ren
    copy model_default_tlj.skin file to your hardrive and open it
    change the line
    torso_cape_tlj,models/players/kylo_ren/cape.tga to
    torso_cape_tlj,*off Save it as model_default_tlj2.skin
    move it to the modles\players\kylo_ren inside packscape
    go to ext_data\npcs
    extract kylo_ren,npc to your hard drive and open it
    copy the entire "Kylo_Ren" NPC section and past it below
    rename the new NPC to Kylo_Ren_TLJ
    add the line
     customskin     default_tlj2Save it and move it back to its place inside packscape
    Save the file in packscape
    playermodel kylo_ren_tlj
  4. The Punisher's post in setting up blender was marked as the answer   
    It means you haven't property setup you working folder structure and Blender can't find the default skeleton file in the _humanoid folder.
    Check this:
  5. The Punisher's post in No textures on lightsaber was marked as the answer   
    Sabers usually have the texture names hard-coded into the ".glm" file. In this case, it points to "saber_ventress" but the folder name is "saber_ventressk" 
  6. The Punisher's post in SW Rebels Ahsoka model? was marked as the answer   
  7. The Punisher's post in Can't remove Jedi Outcast from my PC was marked as the answer   
    Try a 3rd party uninstaller, like ZSoft Uninstaller, Smarty Uninstaller, Should I Remove It, Wise Program Uninstaller or Revo uninstaller (there is a 30 days free demo).
  8. The Punisher's post in _humanoid Custom Folder Help was marked as the answer   
    Shouldn't be an issue. The path is followed by dots. Just overwrite the dots. In the screenshot below, I renamed the Clone Wars animations to "_humanoid_cwv6" so i could use it with specific models. As you can see in both, the number of characters and the file size remained unchanged....
  9. The Punisher's post in Can anyone have the time to low the texture & vertex for some high models/skin that i have? was marked as the answer   
    Going back to your problem, you should be good with OpenJK. I can use most models without any issues (as long as the model has 10K verts or less, if it has more, even with OpenJK you will have the same error).
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