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  1. Hi there!

    I would like to ask permision to use the leg textures of your Darth Necriss skin for an MBII project. Looks more authentic for Talon's boots than the classic Darth Talon skin out there. ūüôā

    EDIT: never mind, figured out another way.

    Best regards,

  2. Hi there!

    Could you tell me where did you get the Ishi Tib species of the Galactic Senators Pack - that was recently shut down?
    Did you make it or is it ported? If ported, from what source?

    Also, I'd like to ask permission for K'Kruhk to represent in MB2.

    Thank you in advance!

    Best regards,

    1. Kualan


      IIRC it was probably from SWTOR.

      I can't remember however, it was several PCs ago I'm afraid.

    2. The Unguided

      The Unguided

      Thank you. Probably it is then. 

    3. Circa


      It was from Battlefront 2015.

  3. Hi there!

    I'd like to ask permission for the Ishi Tib (Senator Saam) head for official MB2 use.

    Best regards,

  4. Bump. I re-created the mesh of Exar Kun a bit, the one Jeff did. But I'm still considering where to start making an Ulic model in same quality at least. There are some model parts which would go well together but still most not available. Also wondering about Nomi Sunrider being a combo of Mara Jade and female Jaden maybe. Maaaaybe.
  5. Uh, that explains. Alright. Then I'll be looking forward to both ?
  6. Can anyone tell me where can I download the Darth Whirmah model? Looks like it's not within the Dark Pastime files. I'd highly appreciate it.
  7. Hello there!

    I've seen you previously helping people with Blender. I have a question if you have the time.

    I successfully imported a JA Ghoul 2 model to Blender 2.82 which I wanted to have LODs. I think I have done that right, but I cannot export it.

    Error message says the scene root is not found along some other strange lines highlighted in red in some cases. So I guess the model tree is messed up. I think I how it should look like but I cannot organize it the way I imagine.

    My directory where I plan to export it is in the Jedi Academy folder, but in an alternative pathway such as "base/models/players/_humanoid" - so the model folder lies in the same directory where the _humanoid folder also the GLA and CFGs within.

    So could you help me and tell what am I doing wrong? I would like to create LODs for multiple models as for Moviebattles II.

    Best regards
    The Unguided


    1. mrwonko


      Please direct such questions to the forums, so other people can help as well. I'm not the only one who knows how to use Blender for Jedi Academy.

      Have you read the manual? There's a PDF included in the Addon zip file, it explains what's required for a successful export.

  8. Which mod? I'd like to get this model.
  9. How am I supposed to correctly export a saber hilt .GLM ? I got an error message ingame that says "missing animation file", so the model does not appear. Has it something to do with the .GLA ? Or something else? Should I adjust the whole skeleton or just the model root to it? I'm clueless.
  10. Looks like the developers got their "Count Dooku" amongst them...
  11. Does it include the Dual Pistols fixed? Model is perfect nevertheless.
  12. At first, I would bet it's a reweighted version of the ported Mandalorian model, afterwards people told me this is a whole different feature. Excellent work! Wondering you may be so inspired about creating a Starkiller model and alike.
  13. The Unguided


    I heard there is a version of JAMME for MovieBattles 2. At least, it can be working somehow for MB2 basically. I don't mean the way launching base JAMME then switching mod "mb2". Could somebody tell me how should I do that?? A little explanation would be appreciated.
  14. Certainly a great effort. On the other hand, I'm not sure why some random characters got cool models while the more important characters still got outdated ones. No offense to anyone, just wondering.
  15. I get it. Cool additions anyway, are you planning to do further efforts ? A realistic - but TCW canon-wise at a time - Asajj Ventress would be nice.
  16. Robe looks cool, N1 on moving away the shoulderpads beneath the robe. Let me ask, what is the main difference between this and dariannt's version ?
  17. I doubt his face had this tortured looking during TCW.
  18. Nice1 ! Although, I'm not sure the size of the robotic arm fits him well enough. Could you do something with the Hooded Palpatine model to help it look somewhat better like this?
  19. Amazing. You just did it from a real perspective - despite TCW look - and that's the point! Congrats man! Asajj Ventress made in the same way! That's what we need, a realistic looking Asajj model. Could you do it sometime?
  20. Basically, HapSlash's best looking model is Dooku. I mean ever. I don't see much necessity to improve his face, it's not bad tho. Reskinning a HS Anakin's face would be a more reasonable choice in my view, that's not so perfect. Did you mean under making an Episode 1 Obi-wan by reskinning a HS anakin?
  21. Such an outstanding work! Just right back in the past 2-3 days I was searching for a cool Darth Maul model. Here it is! The one in MBII always bugged me I found its face incorrect and disliked the robes. This one's excellent from all point of view!
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