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1 hour ago, BlindDaThief said:

Well you notified the right guy! And not trying to sound greedy.. But a light armor darknut would be dope too! You should consider it. Thanks again for the hard work!spacer.png

Will consider it, he's from Twilight Princess as well?

All of the swords have issues so they'll be updated.

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1 hour ago, BlindDaThief said:

Yep. That's what he looks like when you hit all his armor off and he becomes more agile and has that thin sword. Seems like he's got a proper look for JKA. I'm just now starting to learn blender otherwise id try it. Still a newb as the kids say haha

I mean I'd have to find the actual model first, I don't model these. These are all ports.

Then I'd have to get my friend who shall not be named to help me.

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I was gonna wait till the new hands were finished, but I can't hold back my excitement any longer.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...






Comes with:

Dragon's Tooth Sword (extremely close to being an exact recreation, though obviously some liberties were taken to modernize it.)

Custom sounds featuring some of his best one-liners and sounds from Deus Ex for the Dragon's Tooth Sword.

Functional Mouth.

NPC, Team, and Bot Support.

Jedi Academy accurate hands.

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Before anyone asks, I'm aware the swords are messed up, but I absolutely plan to re-upload them soon, dw.

Just been feeling a bit... lazy today, lol.

Also gonna tweak the sounds a bit add team support, fix the sword length using the tutorial I just posted, etc. Stay tuned, we ain't done yet! ^^

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