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MBII offline ?

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Hello !


i have a problem for several days : I can not access the MBII website (www.moviebattles2.com) and I can not find any server when I launch the game (V1.3).

The launcher itself can not connect to find the last updates.


I tried to access the website from another computer and from proxies (UK, US, ...) but it does not work :shrug:


thanks to jacklul jkhub masterserver, I saw there are always servers and players. I tried to switch the sv_master1 from MBII to jkhub to access servers via jkhub masterserver but MBII does not allow to change this cvar.



Is there a problem with MBII website and masterserver ? Is the problem only for me ? Is there other people who have this problem ?



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I can confirm the servers were taken down by a retired lead. All servers were manually taken down and access denied to other developers. We are working to restore them, but I don't know the full plans as webhosting wasn't any area I dealt with. I also do not know how much information was lost. However I do know that some information was saved before things we down, I just don't know how much because access got shut off part way. Hopefully things won't be down too long but I have no guarantees there.


For now as mentioned above you can get a server list from here: http://my.jacklul.com/mb2servers/

If you are missing part of the download for the build, it is on moddb here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/movie-battles-ii/downloads/star-wars-movie-battles-ii-v131


I also believe to be able to change the master server you need to be running OpenJK with MB2. 

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To be honest, I think the whole mod should've also had a "Single Player" version/edition, aswell.. Sure, keep the Multiplayer version of the mod going, for people that actually want to play online. I tried updating my "Movie Duels II" mod (created by the same modder/developer, I believe), only to find out that the mod was 100% Multiplayer, which was thoroughly disappointing.

If they ever re-release it, in a "single player" format.. That'd be great! And worth the upgrade. But as it stands at the moment, I'm sticking with the "Movie Duels II" mod.

I just don't touch the Multiplayer aspect of Jedi Academy, in any shape or form, 'cos it doesn't interest me. If anyone has any contact with the modders/devs of the mod, it certainly wouldn't go a miss, to forward the request on to them to make a Single Player/Offline edition of the mod. More like an upgraded/updated edition of the "Movie Duels II" mod, maybe even including movie battles/duels from the new trilogy, starting with "The Force Awakens".

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