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  1. ent's post in How to install OpenJK? was marked as the answer   
    Drop to GameData.
    Since you are new then read this: http://jkhub.org/tutorials/article/8-installing-a-mod/
  2. ent's post in Custom Saber Sounds - How many options? was marked as the answer   
    Little addition: as you can see in the code saberhup is different for different saber styles so it's 3 swing sounds for 3 saber styles - that's why there are 9.
  3. ent's post in quick question on saber colors was marked as the answer   
    By modifying the client game code.
  4. ent's post in Aspect Ratio: Widescreen vs Not was marked as the answer   
    There is cg_fovAspectAdjust cvar for that. And I've added it in MB2 v1.2 that is incoming soon.
  5. ent's post in Model Dismemberment (in MP) and PK3 Loading was marked as the answer   
    It also has to be enabled on server side with g_dismember afaik. And seems like you should try values between 0 and 100, that controls probability of the dismemmberment where 100 is 100% probability (according to the game code).
    And cg_dismemeber (client side) could be 0, 1 or 2, and when it's 2 then it also slashes head and torso.
  6. ent's post in .dll problem was marked as the answer   
    If you are trying a patched DLL with not patched engine (EXE) then it is the problem. Either build and put patched EXE next to your DLL and don't forget to get official assets that come with the official game patch 1.01. Or build not patched DLL and not patched EXE.
    Here is source for 1.00 (not patched): https://github.com/jedis/jediacademy/tree/e0610d49dd24880794b25c3c644df58a73e4a6e5
    Your error comes from the engine, by the way: https://github.com/jedis/jediacademy/blob/e0610d49dd24880794b25c3c644df58a73e4a6e5/code/server/sv_savegame.cpp#L1875
  7. ent's post in Jedi Knight Rewards was marked as the answer   
    Current version:

    What do you think?
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