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  1. eezstreet's post in Anybody have this user's latest email? was marked as the answer   
    He's been spotted a few days ago on the JKCommunity Discord server (https://discord.gg/ZWGEDjX).
  2. eezstreet's post in Dark Forces 2/Jedi Knight forum was marked as the answer   
    If those sites were to disappear, I see no reason why we couldn't include files from those games.
  3. eezstreet's post in Server crashes after a while - Entity Modding was marked as the answer   
    Timescale, probably.
  4. eezstreet's post in Are gameplay functions generally called once per frame? was marked as the answer   
    ClientThink is run on every NPC (alive or dead), every frame (as defined by sv_fps) as long as it has a BSTATE that can be executed and it's not part of a ROFF. It runs for the player(s) as @@Raz0r describes.
    G_RunFrame is done the same way. There is a cgame portion although this gets weird as the cgame portion of the SP DLL uses VM calls (like jamp.exe with its DLLs) and the game portion uses GetGameAPI (like openjk)
  5. eezstreet's post in Trigger + a light = error? was marked as the answer   
    Try running GTKRadiant in Administrator mode.
    It can't write the file because write access is not allowed to the directory.
  6. eezstreet's post in So many projects in my solution... help? was marked as the answer   
    All of the ones except`bundled_*` are not necessary to compile the game. The last two I have explicitly requested removed from the project, it's odd that they aren't.
  7. eezstreet's post in Glowing shader was marked as the answer   
    Have you tried enabling r_dynamicglow in SP?
  8. eezstreet's post in New file category suggestion was marked as the answer   
    There already is a similar category: Maps > Entity Mods
  9. eezstreet's post in HELP!! Problem with custom music during "Jaden vs. Kyle" duel was marked as the answer   
    You'll want to edit the script for the two cutscenes (the ones before and after the fight). I don't know exactly which ones those are, but if you take a look at the Raven script source, in kor2 or kor_dark folder you should find it easily.
  10. eezstreet's post in BAD CHANGES TO FILE SECTION!!! was marked as the answer   
    And they were, last night.
  11. eezstreet's post in Jedi Knight Galaxies officially closed was marked as the answer   
    This topic is out of date and no longer reflects current development.
  12. eezstreet's post in Blank Skyboxes was marked as the answer   
    Turn off r_fastsky maybe?
  13. eezstreet's post in Frustrating new problem - Ammo Values was marked as the answer   
    Have you changed the ammoMax values of the Blaster Pack ammo to 300? Did you put your .dat in the PK3?
  14. eezstreet's post in Server-side chat bubble was marked as the answer   
    You can use a shader remap to change the chat bubble, but only if everyone has the shader in question (otherwise they will get a low-res black and white box)
  15. eezstreet's post in LOD question was marked as the answer   
    LÖD is short for "level of detail". When you move farther away from an object, the level of detail (or the amount of polygons) goes down. This is an optimization, because at long distances you can't see the difference, thus putting less strain on your video card (and your CPU, in the case of JA).
    Also, if you lower your model quality option, the level of detail goes down too. It is highly recommended that your model has LODs.
  16. eezstreet's post in Code just stopped compiling...? was marked as the answer   
    I took another look. The problem isn't SDL related. You're missing a cvar definition, so the problem isn't restricted to those lines of code. You'll need to find where cl_consolekeys is defined in OpenJK and add the definition back in.
  17. eezstreet's post in Light Amplification Googles on JKA was marked as the answer   
    I remember gnashing my teeth about this ages ago when I tried to implement JK2 items into JKA SP with reverse engineering, way back when that was still needed. From what I remember, there is a RF_GOGGLES or something of the sort which is missing in the renderer, and the trap calls for using the goggles (trap->RE_SetLightLevel and trap->RE_GetLightLevel iirc) are stubbed out on JA's engine. RF_GOGGLES or whatever does the fog, the stubbed out lighting function handles the lighting increase- the algorithms involved here are very cool, and if you're clever, you might do something involving HDR here.
    Implementing the functionality into OpenJK wouldn't be doable as adding a renderfield/renderflag breaks savegames from what I understand.
  18. eezstreet's post in Be supportive was marked as the answer   
    I think there's nothing more to say about this.
  19. eezstreet's post in More JKA Technical Non-sense was marked as the answer   
    Try using OpenJK. I think vanilla JKA has graphics issues
  20. eezstreet's post in JKA and Windows 8 was marked as the answer   
    Problem isn't the OS, it's more likely that the fault lies with graphics cards/admin rights. Intel HD cards aren't really that great in general; they tend to have poor compatibility with both older and newer methods of rendering. Also, Windows 7 and 8 are both pretty much on-par in terms of compatibility, they both introduce the concept of admin rights which Unix & friends have had for years..
  21. eezstreet's post in .pk3 Protection was marked as the answer   
    No. JA uses minizip to read PK3 contents. As luck would have it, nearly every archive program in existence (with the exception of WinRAR, I think it uses an emulator for it) uses the same library. If JA can load it, so can archive programs.
  22. eezstreet's post in JA+ not working with Jedi Academy Graphics Expansion 2.2 was marked as the answer   
    You can turn all of that "useless garbage" off, and the mod is a lot more lightweight than most other things (just add a DLL + the settings.ini to gamedata, works in any mod + SP + JK2 + some other games too)
  23. eezstreet's post in Imperial Saboteurs was marked as the answer   
    This is a known issue, even with the base game. It's because the game uses very inefficient ARB shaders for the effect. One way you can fix it is to set cg_renderToTexture 0 (I think is the name of the cvar)
  24. eezstreet's post in Open JK Startup Crash was marked as the answer   
    tried deleting stuff from homepath? (My Documents/My Games/OpenJK)
  25. eezstreet's post in Getting rid of all weapons/force-powers was marked as the answer   
    Assuming you're using OpenJK, change this line to:
    XCVAR_DEF( g_weaponDisable, "524279", NULL, CVAR_SERVERINFO|CVAR_ROM, qfalse )This defines the basic properties of a cvar. Note the difference of the stuff in quotes. This is the default value. Also note how I changed it from




    In this particular case, the CVAR_SERVERINFO flag is needed in both cases, as it's responsible for telling clients on the join server menu that your server doesn't have weapons (for the icon thing). CVAR_ARCHIVE means that it gets saved to the jampserver.cfg, CVAR_LATCH means that it requires a map restart to take effect. CVAR_ROM means that the cvar cannot be changed ingame at all.

    So by changing the flags to CVAR_ROM and changing the default value, you're setting the cvar to a fixed default value that cannot be changed.

    You can perform a similar edit to g_forcePowerDisable as well.

    If you aren't using OpenJK, you can do this in g_main.c. The flags and everything are identical, there's just some slight syntax differences but it's nothing to worry about really.
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