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  1. therfiles's post in Help with CamSP 1.1 Mod was marked as the answer   
    Yep, @@Circa's mod will interfere. I will send you a quick file via PM in order to patch this bug! In order to add new menus, you need to modify a file (called ingame.txt) which lists the ingame menus. So Circa's was being used, not mine. The patch I will send you will add all the new menu files to that registry.
  2. therfiles's post in Getting a saber to disable force use was marked as the answer   
    You can...kind of.
    Looking at this amazing wiki article, there is a short section on force restrictions:
    Basically, if you say "hey, this saber needs two hands to wield", then it doesn't make sense for the user to be able to preform these force powers, commonly associated with a hand motion. But it looks like you need a cvar set to 1 in order to enable this feature.
    forceRestrict FP_SEE
  3. therfiles's post in Request features was omitted at compiled time? What??? O.o was marked as the answer   
    This usually happens to me when I try to use JPGs that are too high-quality. Using GIMP, I turn off all the "optimizing" export features to keep the file size down.
  4. therfiles's post in Change the music in map via BehavED was marked as the answer   
    I know the entity misc_music_change will do the trick, but that's not what you're after...I'm not sure there is a way to do it, other than triggering that ent or using the Play Sound block in Behaved and using CHAN_MUSIC (untested...). My best guess would be that ICARUS block.
    As to the mod your referencing, he's using DMS (Dynamic Music System?...Truth is I have no idea what it stands for). It's controlled by the file dms.dat in ext_data. This is the entry of interest from Deception:
    semele_mine { uses vjun2 } semele_computer { uses vjun2 } semele_power { explore yavtemp2_explore action yavtemp2_action boss battlemusic } Basically, he can reference any of these "key words" to link to some music. It's actually very efficient. Rather than replacing the physical music file, you just change the one it's linked to. For the last entry, you can see that there is multiple tracks listed, with the "mood" you mentioned by it. Using scripts, he can simply change the "mood" to BOSS, ACTION, or EXPLORE, and you get "new" music. Pretty cool.
    We'll get along great
  5. therfiles's post in GTK Radiant deleted my Base folder was marked as the answer   
    Hmmm...that is odd. Isn't the base folder under SW:JKA > GameData > Base? Not SW:JKA > Base? Check for a gamedata directory. I could just be dumb, though. Plus, I think you have to assign GTK to the gamedata folder, so since you didn't, it creates all of it's files in a folder called base (usually merged with the one in gamedata), rather than the actual base.
  6. therfiles's post in (SP) Choosing lightsaber without it turning on was marked as the answer   
    Sorry! Here you go!
  7. therfiles's post in Moving the camera around was marked as the answer   
    This is a question I can answer quite simply without an epic tutorial (which will be made).
    So, assuming you know how to make a normal camera, do so. Now, I'm assuming you have more than one camera. The first camera needs to have a 'action time' (the last text box on the PAN and MOVE command) of 0. For your next camera, place the appropriate PAN and MOVE commands right after your first ones, but put whatever you want in the action time box. For example, put in 5000 if you want it to move from cam 1 to cam 2 in 5 seconds. After that, make a wait block of 5000 (or more) then add your next command. What this will do is wait for the camera to stop moving, and then move on.
    Hope that helped. I can elaborate with pics if needed.
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