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  1. That looks pretty cool, can you upload it?
  2. I'd love to see HS_Anakin's head there with a few edits here and there. Looks pretty good so far!
  3. It looks great! But the hood needs some work. some textures look like low quality textures, great job though.
  4. This is pretty awesome. Does anyone have the entire pack in one rar or something? I'l see if I can get someone to make a fully replacement pack for MBII, it would be great!
  5. I hope that the mod is still being worked on. It has a lot of potential!
  6. New idea, could you rework the effect of the destruction Force Power? I don't know if you have played MBII, but there's a really cool effect for that power there.https://youtu.be/mOT5J45vHIA?t=8m14s Another force power idea. Force repulse, consumes 40 FP? each level increases the knockdown effect? Also from MBII, is it possible to add a saber system like it? I'm happy even with a saber block feature, that'd be awesome. I think that OJP works like that too, there's a lot of mods out there that do that, but there has never been one for SP, as far as I know. I have also been creating NPC'S to have some fun with your mod in SP, is there a way to give them the new force powers? I also suggest to add melee as a default weapon from the start, It's annoying that the only way to see your hilt on your hip is by switching to a weapon, plus melee is fun to use! Again, great mod so far, thanks a lot for all the time and effort that you have put into it!
  7. Nope, pretty sure that this happens because I'm trying to launch the game without using Steam. I remember that I got the same error when I tried to use different mods with their standalone exe's. It doesn't matter though! I bought the GOG version of JKA just to try your mod, Let me tell you that It's really awesome and I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. Just a couple of suggestions though. I can't still see the difference between Insanity and Stasis. Both paralyze the enemy and Stasis does it better. Perhaps make it so Insanity slowly kills the enemy? Maybe you've already done that and I haven't realized yet. Really awesome mod! Cheers! Oh, could you also add a menu before each mission that makes you available to change your clothes?
  8. Hi, How do you play this mod with the Steam Version of JKA? Everytime that I try to start the game I get 'failed to load jacustomlibrary'. I have already tried what I found in the forums (Try launching with +set fs_game "OpenJK" or copy GameData/OpenJK/jagamex86.dll to GameData/base/jagamex86.dll). However, I do not know the small name of the mod to set a shorcut for it. It is not OpenJK, I tried with OpenJK_Customsp and it didn't work. Any help please?
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