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Jeff's never ending WIP's

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Of the MB2 Ben Kenobi, that is so better than the TFU Ben Kenobi, I couldn't find it anywhere over MB2's website/forums and i don't play MB2


Prievous page of this thread has pics. 


I'm sorry , but what about my suggestion about the havoc squad coldier?


I may do him, but have a little patience.


it is a good model, but for some reason it likes to crash the game randomly in base game


MP or SP?

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Maybe Kenth Hamner?




All it would take was making a head, and then hapslash robes, because thats what he usually wears.


Tbh the recently released Sebastian Shaw version of Anakin Skywalker looks like him.

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That Exar Kun model rocks. :winkthumb:


Are there any chances that we will see a Massassi Warrior model in the near future aswell as Ulic-Qel Droma ? :


I'd need some good full body pics of Ulic, as for the Massassi if someone could get me the model from TOR I'd do it.


Hell yeah, I had requested this dude with a few other TOTJ characters, so thanks man!


Your welcome.


@@EchoMerc here you go




Link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/63672348/Havoc%20Trooper.pk3

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what are they called? and also this, with the kotor animation mod fast stance:

also from the character front view u can see inside the right hand 



I don't remember where the animations originally came from. I did a lot of changes to them myself, mostly saber stance and gun stance changes. I only fixed the hand issue on the dark jedi so as far as any other issues, well in the words of Han "it's not my fault".

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