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notes on what needs fixed

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- Cap the number of pickup sound effects
- Make the ammo sound effect not play on ammo_thermal, etc
- Add option for Subtitles to be on Always
- Add Very High sound quality to menu
- Add dedicated deploy key for thermals/detpacks/trip mines along with a wheel
- Add inventory and force wheels
- Text is missing for datapad display?
- When imperials pick up better weapons, their new weapon will be bolted on to their hand on death.
- Enemies should drop all of their weapons, not just the better ones.
- More aggressive enemies should not stop moving when damaged
- Hit indicators! Because why not...
- Add EF crosshairs and add selective crosshair options in the setup menu
- Fix broadsword..
- Don't tie firing times to weapon switch times
- Add a cvar for the max number of audio channels
- Fix cinematics FOV
- Fix godawful bug with droids and cinematics
- Saber can sometimes bug itself into the blue stance
- Hide crosshair while saber is active
- Give more saber swing sound effects

Wookiee Bowcaster
- Add UE3-like options to the charge mode

DEMP2 / Lightning
- Make electricity flow off of water and electrocute things better

- Missing sound effect for switch  (the one which opens the bridge over the water)
- Big goodie area has too many looping sounds
- Raising the cloning pods has too many looping sounds
- Missing subtitles ("These are droid control consoles...")

- Missing subtitles ("I better try not to attract too much attention...")
- Missing subtitles ("What's this? Looks like the Remnant are using slave labor...")



- Randomly give prisoners and/or bowcasters

- Annoying lack of punctuation in subtitle ("...you'll have to do something about those Ion Cannons")
- Add in objective about ATSTs
- Make Desann less of a push/pull fiend

- Missing subtitles throughout

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I got this to work by editing the flesh_impact.efx files. You mean when the edges of the screen flash red with pain, right? 

No, hit markers, like this:




Tells you that you hit your target. In CoD Ghosts and above, it turns red when you successfully get a kill. Not something necessary in JK2 or JKA SP in my opinion.

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Way late for me to say this but... Eez, just looking at the first post (which I see is from months ago), I think you may be trying to do a bit too much. I tend to be the same way but little details aren't always that important. Sometimes you have to trust player's abilities to adapt or just deal with an ever so slightly unrefined feature. I mean props to you, but just don't drive yourself crazy ;)

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Or er, to be more clear, there are two versions of this mod: Jedi Academy Enhanced (which is maintained by redsaurus) and there is Jedi Knight 2 Enhanced (which is maintained by myself). The Jedi Academy version currently has a release out; the Jedi Outcast version does not. I hope to amend this soon but I need mappers to finish The Lost Mission (cairn_stockpile) before I am content with releasing what I've got.


They can be shortened down to JK2:E/JKA:E or just JKE which refers to the project in general.

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Guest Redemption

@@eezstreet - Hi, I noticed with JK2:E that menu descriptions are not displaying at all. I wonder if you are still working on the mod, if not I'll post this question in the coding section of the modding forum. Thanks once again.

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"Menu descriptions" ?


When I mouse over new game, a description comes up saying what that means. It no longer does that in JK2:E.

In other words, the descriptions of certain functions in the menu(s).


Example: When you move the cursor over "OPTIONS", you will see a description that says "Configure game options." at the bottom on the screen.

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