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Not sure about the probe thing. There are other means to get them flying, for example set their gravity to 0 via script. And sure it's not really good looking to see them exploding mid-air. I was thinking about a zero gravity <random humanoid class> with WP_MELEE for the Mailocs.

The MOTS team originally had them as interrogators, it was interesting because of the poisonous attack and the floating movement, however they exploded upon death.

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Somehow a request for Mara Jade (I guess this is the wrong place to post this...):

I saw some screenshots of an enhanced version of Peretti's Mara Jade: http://www.moddb.com/mods/mysteries-of-the-sith-jka-modification/images/mara-jade-complete#imagebox

I tried to do some similar texture work myself, added structure to the leather jacket(leather) and pants(denim/fabric) and added envi map properties to the jacket(just a bit) and toned down the others (boots, metal parts):







And tried different brightness and saturation levels (put in about 10 hours of work and it looks like sh**).

Why am I posting this?

I guess just because to reach someone who wants to achieve the same, someone who has more skill (not like my humble-looking attempt which doesn't even look close to the work of the MOTS-team).

Or maybe someone has the assets of the MOTS-team and wants to share them, I would have tried to contact Andysaj, but the last time he was online was April 2014...


And yeah, my English is terrible...

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