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Well, the problem is, I only did the scales around the head kind of for reference, they arent final, but when they are, they will all be as prominent as the eye scales, to get a good ambient occlusion render and I can mess with the intensity of those shadows in photoshop when I start wrapping up the texture. so actually, the scales around the eyes are "correct", it's the other ones that need to be fixed. Then, the final product should look more like the head scales do now.

Also, the eye scales will be split horizontally so its not just one ring, but two, but this is just my second pass at getting a feel for it. Then once I get a really nice rodian texture, I am going to try to paint a reelo texture over this thing looking more like him with his colors and scales, without the hair. so I need to remodel a bit for reelo, but redsaurus asked for a Reelo head, so I will see what I can do. I just need to remove the mohawk, and screw with the antennae a bit for his head. The heavy rodian will have a mohawk though, able to be *off in the skin file, so I can use the same head for the rodian rippers with just a different texture.


And I agree with you concerning the eyes

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 I only hope that will look good in-game.


What? The overly apparent scales or the texture or what? the scales will not look as prominent once I reduce the opacity of the shadow layer. I just would rather have more shadows than I need and reduce them, as opposed to not enough shadows and it all be kinda for nothing

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I agree and have already restarted them XD it is very easy to do, I just went about it wrong I tested out some different brushes and have found what I need, and now know to sculpt in the eyebrow area first, then make the eye scales out of that

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thank you!

some other adjustments. I will be fixing his eye size and those little spikes on his head once I get it back to Softimage, since I dislike Zbrush's tools when it comes to low poly modeling and resizing and translation and stuff





Oh, and his lips will be fixed in Softimage also, I screwed them up 9or didnt finish them I should say) and they need to be adjusted in order for me to get the shape I want.


On another note: For all other Zbrush users...



Did you know, that you can import a mesh into Zbrush, without UV unwrapping, sculpt it and paint it, then go back and unwrap it later, reimport it into Zbrush and transfer the subdivision data, and all will be applied directly to the new uvmap?! That is insanity. In other words, make a box, dont unwrap it, just import it into Zbrush and start sculpting and painting it, then later on when you get it unwrapped, reimport the obj into the Zbrush scene and it will prompt you if you wish to transfer the high resolution data, if you say yes, it will transfer the sculpting normals and polypaint directly to your new UV coordinates. this comes in handy, especially in times like this where I screwed his lips up but found out about it too late, I can go back and remodel his lips, re-unwrap it, and it will still look the same in Zbrush without having to repaint and resclupt anything. Cool stuff.

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I apologize for double posting but I wanted this separate.


So I am going to make a rendermap for this right? I will render the shadows at a regular lighting with no specular gloss, but, I was wondering, if I did that, then rendered one with say a bit more lighitng to the front, and with a slight specular shine, will it look good ingame with the diffused render as diffuse, and the specular render as specular in the shader? Seems like it should right? Now, to more difficulty,.. If I render the shadows in the diffuse map from lights a bit more on the top of his head, and render the specular from a bit lower, will it show the scales a bit better when you spin around him? Does that make sense? I want to show the scale shadows from one direction in diffuse, and the shadows in another direction in specular so it gives the illusion of normal mapping


And here are a few meaningless renders I thought looked cool and wanted to share. No need to crit them just wanted to show them since I thought some of them looked cool










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