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JA++: Is it worth the download? Questions Answered!


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Hey all, as many of you know a new mod was released late last year under the name of JA++. Many have been wondering if this mod is just a fluke or if it REALLY is the next step in JKA, I am here to give you my personal input on the matter. I used to work on a few forums as a review writer and I have been asked to review this mod by many people. So here it is!


The Good?

-Awesome new menu options for settings. The mod team has done a FANTASTIC job in making more options open to the players. Be it a strafe helper (a little line bar to show the perfect angle for a strafe), to texture and performance enhancements.

-There is now a new chat box (original can be used) with a tabbing system!

-Excellent options for in game settings. From choosing how your shields look (base, JA+ or custom) to how duelists look (personally i have all duelists set to invisible :D) this mod has done a really good job at giving you full function over how your game and your character perform in game.


The Bad?

-The text takes a little to get used to. As a new mod there are many different things that lead me to say I do NOT recommend this mod to a new player. 

-With all the fancy new options it CAN reduce your FPS a bit (however as a con this is also a pro because you can choose all default settings to be just like JA+).


The Ugly?

-This mod does not support filtering out Haldir or Cheer. Yes. You will still have to put up with their ugly faces :(. I am currently working on a universal plugin that will fix this obvious flaw in the coding to erase these two from existence.


My final verdict: I would HIGHLY recommend this mod to players who enjoy JA+ (again no new players haha). It takes the mod to the next level in my mind, and is totally worth the download. I would actually go out to say that when EK comes back up THIS should be the server side mod. It is in dev which means that any new bugs or errors are fixed by a team that actually works on what the community would like. It is not like JA+ that has a release every 10 months (if that). I will provide detailed instructions on how to get this mod below!









How to get the mod

1. Download the mod: JA++ 0.3 b1 (9.31mb)

2. If you do not have it grab a .zip or .rar extractor: 7zip

3. Open the downloaded folder. 

4. Navigate to your JA+ folder (ex C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\japlus) and take all the files downloaded and place them in there (no this mod does not get it's own folder. You lose the original JA+ which isnt a big deal because this has all the defaults from JA+ anyways).

5. Remove the JA+ GLA animations from your GameData/base folder (ex C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base named: japlus_gla_anims.pk3).

6. Remove clientPlugin_v*.pk3 from GameData/japlus (ex C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\japlus)

7. Download the optional add on for replacing melee animations: Melee Animation Replacement


Useful Cvar Commands


/viewlog 0-1 (Toggles a detachable console if you're playing in windowed mode)

/cg_jplua 0-1 (Enable/disable loading of the JPLua scripting/event system)


/r_dynamicGlowIntensity x (This one is pretty straight forward. How much each pass will affect the image)

/r_dynamicGlowDelta x (Just another variable to change)

/r_dynamicGlowPasses x (Basically how many times to blur/glow the image - Will reduce FPS the higher this is!)

/r_dynamicGlowWidth x (..Play around with it. Powers of 2 preferrably)

/r_dynamicGlowHeight x (Same for this)

/r_dynamicGlowSoft 0-1 (Use the 'soft' approach to dynamic glow)


/cg_smartEntities 0-1 (Toggle usage of Smart Entities)

/cg_logConsole console.cl.log (Choose file to log console+chat to)

/cg_logChat chat.cl.log (Choose file to log clean chat to - won't log colour codes)

/cg_logSecurity security.cl.log (Choose file to log security/exploit events to)


/cg_shieldTest 0-1 (Constantly draw the shield so you can see what it will look like when changing RGBA)

/cg_shieldStyle 0-6 (Select the style of shield to use, -1 is basejka)

/cg_shieldColour 0-255 0-255 0-255 0-255 0-1 (RGBA + forceAlpha of "player hit" shield effect)

/cg_shieldLayers x (How many times to render the shield, to increase visibility)


/cg_duelShaderTest 0-1 (Constantly draw the duel shader so you can see what it will look like when changing RGBA)

/cg_duelShaderStyle 0-6 (Select the shader to use for dueling players - "none" for no shader)

/cg_duelColour 0-255 0-255 0-255 0-255 0-1 (RGBA + forceAlpha of "dueling players" effect)

/cg_showDuelSabers 0-1 (Toggle to show/hide sabers of dueling players)


/cg_bubbleColour 0-255 0-255 0-255 0-255 (RGBA of protection bubble)

/cg_newFX x (Bit-flag of new effects to activate: disintegration, disruptor shot, repeater alt-fire)


/cg_saberTrail 0-3 (Which trail style to use. 0 - off, 1 - attacks only, 2 - refraction effect, 3 - constant )

/cg_saberWidth x (Width of saber blades)

/cg_saberTrailLength x (How long saber trails should be)

/cg_saberBladeStyle 0-1 (Which saber blade style to use: 0 = basejka, 1 = SFX)

/cg_saberBladeCoreMulti x (Size of the saber core for cg_saberBladeStyle 1)

/cg_saberBladeGlowMulti x (Size of the saber glow for cg_saberBladeStyle 1)

/cg_teamSabersRGB 0-2 (Choose whether to show team-based saber colours for everyone, everone but yourself, or no one)


/cg_forceAllyModel modelname (Force all teammates to use this model to increase visibility)

/cg_forceEnemyModel modelname/skinname (Force all enemies to use this model to increase visibility)

/cg_forceOwnSaber sabername (Force the hilt to use for yourself visually)

/cg_forceEnemySaber sabername (Force the hilt to use for everyone else visually)


/cg_statsHUD 0-1 (Toggles usage of the stats HUD)

/cg_hudStatsPos 0-640, 0-480 (x/y position of the stats HUD)

/cg_hudStatsScale x (Text size of the stats HUD)


/cg_movementKeys 0-1 (Toggle to show or hide the movement keys)

/cg_hudMovementKeysPos 0-640 0-480 (x/y position of the movement keys)

/cg_hudMovementKeysScale x (Text size of the movement keys)


/cg_hudLagometerPos 0-640 0-480 (x/y position of the lagometer)


/cg_chatbox x (How many milliseconds to show each message - when using the new chatbox, a value of '1' will always show messages)

/cg_newChatbox 0-1 (Whether to use the new chat box, or basejka chat box)

/cg_chatTabs 0-1 (Whether to use the tabbed chatbox or regular all-in-one chatbox)

/cg_hudChat 0-640 0-480 x 0-640 (x/y position + scale + width of the chat box)

/cg_chatCompletion x (bit-field for tab-completion aggressiveness for the chatbox. 1 = tab-completes names, 2 = tab-completes commands and cvars)

/cg_hudChatBackground 0.0-1.0 0.0-1.0 0.0-1.0 0.0-1.0 (RGBA of the chatbox background)

/cg_chatLH x (How many pixels between each line of chat)

/cg_chatLines 0-512 (How many lines of chat to show)

/cg_chatTimeStamp 0-2 (Whether to show a timestamp on chat messages or not. 1 = local time, 2 = map time)

/cg_chatTimeColour 0-7 (Which ^X colour to use for timestamps in the chat box)

/cg_consoleTimeStamp 0-1 (Whether to show a timestamp in the console or not)

/cg_chatTimeColour 0-7 (Which ^X colour to use for timestamps in the console)


/cg_trueGuns 0-1 (Toggle usage of true-view for weapons)

/cg_trueRoll 0-2 (Rotate the camera on the Y axies - Roll)

/cg_trueFlip 0-2 (Rotate the camera on the X axis - Pitch)

/cg_trueSpin 0-2 (Rotate the camera on the Z axis - Yaw)

/cg_trueMoveRoll 0-2 (Smoothen the roll factor of the camera)

/cg_trueSaberOnly 0-1 (Only show your saber in true-view)

/cg_trueEyePosition x (Foward-offset of camera position)

/cg_trueInvertSaber 0-2 (Invert first/third person when using saber)

/cg_trueFOV 0-180 (Field-of-view for true-view mode)


/cg_smoothCamera 0-1 (Launches a nuclear missi- Uses a smooth camera)


/cg_gunAlign x y z (Control the x/y/z position of your viewmodel)

/cg_gunBobEnable 0-1 (Choose whether to bob your viewmodel when moving)

/cg_gunBob x y z (Control the pitch/yaw/roll factor of viewmodel bobbing)

/cg_gunIdleDriftEnable 0-1 (Choose whether to drift your viewmodel when idling)

/cg_gunIdleDrift x y z w (Control the pitch/yaw/roll/speed of viewmodel idle drifting)

/cg_viewShake 0-1 (Choose whether to shake your camera when charging weapons)

/cg_viewKickDamage 0-1 (Choose whether to shake your camera when taking damage in first person)

/cg_instantDuck 0-1 (Instantly move your camera when ducking, or interpolate it over time)

/cg_bobFall 0-1 (Makes bob fall ove- Choose whether to lower your camera as you land on the ground)


/cg_altDimA 0-255 (Control the transparency of clients not in the same dimension as yourself)


/cg_strafeTrail 0-2 (Enable to show a trail behind fast-moving players. Two styles.)

/cg_strafeTrailWeights x y (Control the minimum and maximum speed needed to show a strafe trail)


/cg_strafeHelper 0-2 (Show ideal strafing angles for various strafing styles)

/cg_strafeHelperVelocity 0-1 (Show velocity vector)

/cg_strafeHelperColor 0-255 0-255 0-255 0-255 (Colour of the strafe helper lines)

/cg_strafeHelperRadius x (Radius of the strafe helper lines)

/cg_strafeHelperLength x (Length of the strafe helper lines)

/cg_strafeHelperAngle x (Angle between strafe helper lines)


/cg_newScoreboard 0-2 (Optional new scoreboard, not finished. 2 removes borders)

/cg_newScoreboardFont 0-7 (Font to use on the new scoreboard)


/cg_consolePromptChar x (Change the console prompt character - default ']')

/cg_attemptGhostPredict 0-1 (Toggle whether to attempt amghost prediction to move smoothly through other players and clip brushes)


/r_autoMapDisable 0-1 (Whether or not to disable the automap)

/r_autoMapZoom x (Changes the zoom level on the automap)

/r_autoMapFov x (Changes the field-of-view on the automap)

/r_autoMapAdjustHeight 0-1 (Choose whether to have the automap adjust it's height based on your position, or the surface directly below you)

/r_autoMapAngle x y z (Choose the world-space angle for the automap to face)


/r_clear x (Choose the colour of the 'void' - Hint: The answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything)


/japp_autoUpdate 0-1 (Toggle whether to automatically download and install updates or to notify only)

/japp_autoUpdateURL x (DO NOT TOUCH: Chooses the mirror to download updates from, only change if JA++ site goes down)



Useful Commands


/mini (Minimise JA)

/copynames (Copies names of all active players to your clipboard)

/showPlayerID (Shows the client numbers of all active players)

/pluginDisable (Disable certain features on JA+ servers - NOTE: Not all are implemented)

/scrollChat 0-1 (Scroll through the chatbox)

/chattabnext (Select the next chatbox tab)

/chattabprev (Select the previous chatbox tab)

/chattabfind x (Find and select the specified tab, creating one if it doesn't already exist - for 'channels' on JA++ servers)

/cgmenu (UNFINISHED - Activate the cgame key-catcher for future use such as click-and-drag HUD editing, chatbox tab selection and scoreboard client interaction)

/sm_fix_direction (Set the direction for the 'fixed' strafe helper)

/fakegun (In saber-only servers, force a "fake" first person view for strafing)

/lua x (Execute Lua code)

/lua_reload (Reload the JPLua system)

/postprocess_reload (Reloading the post-processing system)

/jappvideomode (Toggle the border on windowed mode display)

/japp_favsrv_add (Add a server to your favourites by hostname, ip, or '!' for current server)

/japp_favsrv_list (List your favourite servers)

/server x (Connect to a favourite server)

/serverstatus (Query a favourite server, hostname, IP or '!' for current server)



Nice job to the creator(s) of this mod, it is by far my favorite :clap:

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The Ugly?

-This mod does not support filtering out Haldir or Cheer. Yes. You will still have to put up with their ugly faces :(. I am currently working on a universal plugin that will fix this obvious flaw in the coding to erase these two from existence.




If only.....

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Welcome to JKH, incidentally. :P


I'm just going to poke @ (who is now officially a team), point out that it has a site we host, and that the mod is indeed obscenely awesome and infinitely better than japlus.

Thank's for the warm welcome. I would offer my services to your community but as a retired modeler for JK2 and JK3 I do not feel as if I could be much help here. Look forward to trying to become a part of the community.

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You should do a review on the server side now. That's what I'm most interested in as a server administrator.
I will do some testing today and see what comes up. I have also been interested to see how the server differs. Expect a review tonight or tomorrow.
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Hey Carbon, nice to see you're still around in the jka community ^^ Welcome.

Thanks man! Thought you to be dead :o!


Let me guess, crappily done facial expressions that look more if the guy took a hard dump than cheered?

No they are two of my buds from EK ^_^.

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Damn, being referred to as a 'team' makes me feel bad for not doing much aside from adding a few Lua functions.
Just a note about server-side, it's only been released quite recently so competition-wise with JA+ it's not quite there, not yet, at least.

Anyway, since my main interest in JA++ overall is Lua, if you have any suggestions for either the client-side or server-side API, just throw them to me.
The current SS release does not have the Lua API, as far as I know.

...Also, I suggest moving a lot of your discussion to http://japp.jkhub.org, since we don't get so much activity on there and it'd be greatly appreciated.

Support JA++ Lua API 2013

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  • 2 years later...

I tried to compile 64-bit and 32-bit but I've hit a brick wall even with all the libraries installed. The whole ./build.sh under SConstruct seems all messed up.

I was wondering if anyone maybe have any newer builds of JA++ linux32 on dropbox or something so I could grab. I've managed to find on these forums an old October 2014 build.

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DEAR FUTURE READERS: main site is up with latest links as of writing (10/11/15)


Latest Windows builds for server and client


Latest Mac 64bit build for server and client

Drop these .zip files into /Users/username/Library/Application Support/OpenJK/japlus then unzip it. Should work fine assuming you're using OpenJK.

I can't help for Steam or Aspyr copies, I don't know the directories and such. I also don't want to experiment with PK3s, bundles or installers for Mac because I'm not familiar with them.

Compiled on Yosemite, no guarantee it will work for older versions.


Latest Linux 32bit builds for server and client


Latest Linux 64bit builds for server and client

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I am obviously pretty late to this party, though I am still hoping I can get an answer. I was interested in this mod primarily because I was told it would increase the npc limit, as there are two mods I really want, however upon loading the game it gets an error code and says the npc file size is too big, so on and so forth. I downloaded the mod and was pretty sure I followed the instructions pretty well, yet the limit does not seem to have changed.

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