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The Mandalorian Mod Contest


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Nah I doubt you'll see a map pack. Not really any stand out locations to be honest yet in Mando.  Nothing we haven't seen the type of already. Grogu will probably never come if he doesn't come now or around this time. Most wont bother with a model that we wont see scaled properly most of the time. 

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I wish I was able to complete my entry in time.

Everyone did a bang up job.

Doughnuts model is perfection,  a definitive version that no one could likely top.

The spider is very cool, I would love to see a companion map for it as well some day.

The calodan map is a good rendition.  Its very cool and would be great if someone built a model of the Magistrate to duel on the bridge with Ashoka.     

The boba fett was full service, all of the costumes from the show in one pack.

Good job to you all!





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16 hours ago, BlindDaThief said:

I'm bummed life got so busy in the last couple months. Really bad timing! I couldn't finish in time but I'm excited to slowly see other people's creations that will seep in over time that were also too late...

Better late than never.

Fight me for the 5th place loser trophy!   (I'm one of the people who missed the deadline too)


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