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  1. Really cool map, and thanks for providing source!
  2. I don't suppose you'd consider releasing source for this map? I always enjoy poking around map sources, and also recompiling them with higher lightmap resolution (with a JA modded to be able to use such). Thanks for your hard work, especially so long after this game's release, it makes me incredibly happy to see big maps still being made.
  3. The problem is that the GLM importer at the moment does not preserve normals, a very old problem from long before I started working on it, I might be able to fix this eventually but for now the normals must be manually repaired using a Data modifier on the meshes referencing a disabled, combined version of the model. It's kind of an advanced topic in Blender and I've never been good at describing things. It should end up looking like this though: https://i.imgur.com/HO0FZx6.png
  4. This seems to have always been the case, and it also seems to correspond to a hard 64-byte limited field in the GLM header, I don't think it's a good idea to remove that limit.
  5. Version 20190822


    This is a Blender 2.80+ update to my 2.79 port: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3521-blender-279-jedi-academy-plugin-suite/ NOTE: Blender 2.80 significantly changed the plugin API and at the moment only GLM import and export is confirmed to be working. If anyone out there uses any other features (ASE, ROFF, et.) in this plugin suite, feel free to contact me on discord (Cagelight#6790) and I'll look into porting it but no guarantees, you are also free to port it yourself and create a pull request on the github. This project is on github here.
  6. I'll be looking into it once 2.8 becomes stable.
  7. Blender doesn't seem to be able to automatically install this addon from its zip file, so you just have to put the `jediacademy` directory within the zip file inside Blender's addon directory.
  8. As long as you don't do anything like normal recalculating/flipping to the tags it should be fine. If you're asking how to fix a flipped tag, just flip the normals back in Blender. (Edit Mode: Mesh->Normals->Flip Normals)
  9. The new mesh export pipeline is a little more sensitive to certain things than the old one was, any operation that changes the normals of tags can change their windings as well, this is a problem I faced too and unfortunately I couldn't find a good solution to the problem.
  10. I didn't change anything that would break Mac support, so if the old 2.64 one worked on Mac so should this one. I can't test it though as I don't have access to a Mac.
  11. 1,630 downloads

    This is mostly the same as the file found here, except GLM export has been rewritten to use a more modern mesh pipeline. The Improvements: Custom Split Normals support No longer need to split the mesh on UV seams Modifiers with "Render" visibility are automatically applied at export This project is on github here.
  12. If we do it, we will not be forking Radiant. It's an unsalvageable codebase with little room for improvement (without more effort than its worth).
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